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Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd and other Group Companies (in liquidation)

Release Date Title 
17-Oct-16 A&M Courtney Limited - Tenth Report
12-Apr-17 A&M Courtney Limited - Eleventh Report
28-Aug-17 A&M Courtney Limited - Final Report
1-Jun-16 Absolute Office Limited - Second Report
8-Dec-16 Absolute Office Limited - Third Report
11-Aug-20 Absolute Plumbing Drains & Gas Limited - Final Report
4-May-20 Ace Furniture Freight 2012 Limited - First Report
29-Oct-20 Ace Furniture Freight 2012 Limited - Second Report
2-Feb-21 Ace Furniture Freight 2012 Limited - Final Report
8-May-17 Active Equipment Limited - First Report
22-Sep-17 Active Equipment Limited - Second Report
31-May-21 AG Services Waikato Limited - Second and Final Report
8-Feb-17 AJ Engineering Systems (2000) Limited - Third Report
21-Aug-17 AJ Engineering Systems (2000) Limited - Fourth Report
6-Nov-20 AJH Holdings Limited Previously known as Tuli Hot Tubs Limited - Final Report
7-May-21 Alchemy Engineering & Design Limited - Six-Monthly Report
16-Jul-21 Alchemy Engineering & Design (Wellington) Limited - Final Report
17-Aug-16 Alliance Demolition Limited - Tenth Report
17-Mar-17 Alliance Demolition - Eleventh Report
23-Aug-17 Alliance Demolition Limited - Twelfth Report
26-Feb-18 Alliance Demolition Limited - Thirteenth Report
21-Aug-18 Alliance Demolition Limited - Fouteenth Report
23-Aug-19 Alliance Demolition Limited - Sixteenth Report
20-Feb-20 Alliance Demolition Limited - Seventeenth Report
17-Aug-20 Alliance Demolition Limited - Eighteenth Report
19-Feb-21 Alliance Demolition Limited - Nineteenth Report
24-Aug-21 Alliance Demolition Limited - Twentieth Report
14-Jun-16 Althorp Private Hospital Limited - Second Report
19-Sep-16 Althorp Private Hospital Limited - Final Report
27-Nov-20 AMB Bricklaying Limited - First Report
14-June-21 AMB Bricklaying Limited - Final Report
13-Apr-18 Amel Holdings - Final Report
27-Apr-18 AMP Capital Property Portfolio Limited - First Report
30-Mar-20 A-One Mobile Communications - First Report
25-Sep-20 A-One Mobile Communications Limited - Final Report
22-Jun-21 Architectural Roof & Facade Innovations Limited and Euro Metals Limited - Final Report
20-Jun-16 Arupa Limited - Seventeenth Report
19-Dec-16 Arupa Limited - Eighteenth Report
28-Jun-17 Arupa Limited - Nineteenth Report
20-Dec-17  Arupa Limited - Twentieth Report
4-Jul-18 Arupa Limited - Twenty First Report
27-Jun-19 Arupa Limited - Twenty Third Report
16-Dec-19 Arupa Limited - Twenty-Fourth Report
29-Jun-20 Arupa Limited - Twenty-Fifth Report
1-Sep-20 Arupa Limited - Final Report
22-May-20 Assess it Recruitment Limited - Final Report
12-Oct-21 Atlas Building & Construction Limited - First Report
3-May-18 Attri Computers Limited - First Report
26-Oct-18 Attri Computers Limited - Final Report
27-Jun-19 Attri Energy Limited - Second Report
20-Dec-19 Attri Energy Limited - Third Report
29-Jun-20 Attri Energy Limited - Fourth Report
30-Nov-20 Attri Energy Limited - Final Report
30-Mar-20 Attri and Sons Limited - First Report
17-Sep-20 Attri and Sons Limited - Second Report
23-Jan-21 Attri and Sons Limited - Third Report
30-Mar-21 Attri and Sons Limited - Final Report
18-Apr-18 Auckland Airport Club Limited - First Report
4-Dec-18 Auckland Airport Club Limited - Six-Monthly Report
10-May-21 Autobodies Wellington (2006) Limited - Final Report
26-Nov-18 Automotive Certification Systems Limited - Final Report
2-Jul-21 Balaji Shirl Investments Limited - First Report
21-Sep-21 Banker Tiles Limited - First Report
6-May-19 B&L Bobcats Limited - First Report
20-Nov-19 B&L Bobcats Limited - Second Report 
26-May-20 B&L Bobcats Limited - Third Report
25-Aug-20 B&L Bobcats Limited - Final Report
5-May-17 Balex Marine Limited - First Report
22-Nov-17 Balex Marine Limited  - Final Report
13-Oct-21 Barrett & Taura Rural Transport Limited - First Report
15-Nov-19 Bay Kiwifruit Limited Partnership - Final Report
1-Jun-16 Bay of Plenty Office Furniture Limited Second Report
8-Dec-16 Bay of Plenty Office Furniture Limited - Third Report
18-Jul-16 Bay Road & Quarry Workers - Final Report
1-Jun-16 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - First Report
7-Dec-16 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Second Report
12-Jun-17 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Third Report
4-Dec-17 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Fourth Report
30-May-18 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Fifth Report 
5-Dec-18 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Sixth Report
22-Mar-19 Baycom Construction NZ Limited - Final Report
18-Jul-16 Birch Ave Meats - Final Report
16-May-18 Bishop Industries (Wellington) Limited - Six-Monthly Report
22-Aug-16  BJ Holdings 2004 Limited - Final Report
23-Sep-16 Blue Construction Services Limited - Sixth Report
19-Apr-17 Blue Construction Services Limited - Seventh Report
28-Aug-17 Blue Construction Services Limited - Final Report
20-Sep-17 BOP Office Furniture - Final Report
21-Sep-21 BTL Tiling Contractors Limited - First Report
22-Aug-16 Cambridge Holdings 2004 Limited - Final Report
7-Sep-18 Cameron Brothers Hospitality Limited - Frist Report
4-Nov-19 Caramel & Blue Limited T/A Aierra Cafe
17-Jul-20 Caramel & Blue Limited - Final Report
1-Oct-21 Career Matrix NZ Limited - First Report
20-Sep-17 Carson Construction Engineers (2016) - First Report
20-Sep-18 Carson Construction Engineers (2016) - Third Report
8-Oct-19 Carson Construction Engineers (2016) - Fifth Report
26-Mar-19 Cartridge World Kapiti Limited - First Report
27-Aug-18 Casbar Limited - First Report
1-Feb-18 Caw Electrical Solutions Limited - First Report
13-Aug-2018 Caw Electrical Solutions Limited - Second Report
20-Feb-19 Caw Electrical Solutions Ltd - Final Report
7-Jul-21 CBD Towers Limited - Final Report
23-Jun-21 CCC (Rotorua) Limited - Initial Report
31- Aug-21 CCC (Rotorua) Limited - Final Report
23-Jun-21 CCC Transport Limited - Initial Report
20-Sep-21 CCC Transport Limited - Final Report
19-Jul-21 CDH Precast Limited - Initial Report
31-May-16 Central Districts Motorcycles Limited - Ninteenth Report
19-Sep-16 Central Districts Motorcycles Limited - Final Report
14-Jul-16 Central Mortgage Trust Limited - Thirteenth Report
7-Feb-17 Central Mortgage Trust Limited- Fourteenth Report 
21-Jul-17 Central Mortgage Trust Limited - Fifteenth Report
22-Jan-18 Central Mortgage Trust Limited - Sixteenth Report
10-Jul-18 Central Mortgage Trust Limited - Seventeenth Report
23-Jan-19 Central Mortgage Trust Limited - Final Report
30-May-17 CFH Limited - Tenth Report
22-Nov-17 CFH Limited - Eleventh Report
1-Jun-18 CFH Limited - Twelfth Report
26-Nov-18 CFH Limited - Thirteenth Report
28-May-19 CFH Limited - Fourteenth Report
2-Dec-19 CFH Limited - Fifteenth Report
19-Jun-20 CFH Limited - Sixteenth Report
1-Sep-20 CFH Limited - Final Report
23-Jun-21 Challenge Carrying Co Limited - Initial Report
2-Dec-15 Chalmers Cameron Investments Limited - Eighth Report
28-Jun-16 Chalmers Cameron Investments Limited – Ninth Report
14-Nov-16 Chalmers Cameron Investments Limited - Final Report
23-Oct-19 Civil Works BOP Limited - First Report
30-Oct-20 Civil Works BOP Limited - Final Report
23-Jun-20 Coast Homes Limited - Final Report
23-Apr-21 Command Service Limited - Six-Monthly Report
21-Dec-20 Compass Homes (Auckland South) Limited - First Report
21-Jun-21 Compass Homes (Auckland South) Limited - Second Report
10-Jun-19 Compass Homes (Rodney) Limited - First Report
6-Dec-19 Compass Homes (Rodney) Limited - Second Report
3-Jul-20 Compass Homes (Rodney) Limited - Third Report
30-Nov-20 Compass Homes (Rodney) Limited - Final Report
11-Jun-21 Connect Construction and Property Limited Wide Span Sheds Wellington Limited Wide Span Sheds Manawatu Limited - Sixth Report
15-Aug-16 Corden Joinery Limited - Eighth Report
13-Mar-17 Corden Joinery Limited - Ninth Report
23-Aug-17 Corden Joinery Limited - Tenth Report
20-Feb-18 Corden Joinery Limited - Eleventh Report
20-Jun-18 Corden Joinery Limited - Final Report
6-Sep-16 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Sixth Report
3-Mar-17 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Seventh Report
25-Sep-17 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Eighth Report
13-Mar-18 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Ninth Report
13-Sep-18 Counties Livestock Transport Limited- Tenth Report
14-Mar-19 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Eleventh Report 
3-Mar-20 Counties Livestock Transport Limited - Final Report
23-Jul-21 Craft Builders (NZ) Limited - First Report
17-Oct-16 Cranes International NZ Limited - Fifteenth Report
26-Apr-17 Crane International NZ Limited - Sixteenth Report
16-Oct-17 Cranes International NZ Limited - Seventeenth Report
4-May-18 Cranes International NZ Limited - Final Report
14-May-21 Cretecon Limited - First Report
21-Aug-18 Critical Cargo Care Limited - First Report
30-Nov-18 Critical Cargo Care Limited - Final Report
18-Mar-18 CSN Investments Limited - First Report
14-Aug-18 CSN Investments Limited - Second Report
14-Feb-19 CSN Investments Limited - Third Report 
23-Aug-19 CSN Investments Limited - Fourth Report 
25-Feb-20 CSN Investments Limited - Fifth Report
4-Sep-20 CSN Investments Limited - Sixth Report
30-Nov-20 CSN Investments Limited - Final Report
29-Jun-20 CTC Transport Limited - First Report
3-Nov-20 CTC Transport Limited - Final Report
9-Aug-16 Curtain Makers 2009 Limited - Third Report
28-Aug-17 Curtain Makers 2009 Limited - Final Report
29-Apr-21 Cutting Edge Innovation Limited - First Report
5-Aug-21 Cutting Edge Innovation Limited - Final Report
9-May-16 D&E Adams Limited Final Report
22-Nov-16  Darrah Trucking Limited - First Report
1-Mar-17 Darrah Trucking Limited - Final Report
9-April-21 Davis Logging Limited - Sixth Report
7-May-18 Deans & Associates (1993) Limited - Six-Monthly Report
27-May-19 Dean Gunn Retail Limited - First Report
26-Nov-19 Dean Gunn Retail Limited - Second Report
17-Jun-20 Dean Gunn Retail Limited - Final Report
11-Apr-18 Debec Building Solutions Limited  - First Report
9-Oct-18 Debec Building Solutions Limited - Second Report
29-Mar-19 Debec Building Solutions Limited - Third Report
14-Oct-19 Debec Building Solutions Limited - Fourth Report
16-Jul-20 Debec Building Solutions Limited - Final Report
6-Sep-16 Delta Lifestyle Properties Limited - Ninth Report
24-Aug-17 Delta Lifestyle Properties Limited - Eleventh Report
20-Dec-17 Delta Lifestyle Properties Limited - Final Report
26-Jul-16 Demand Flow Intelligence Limited - Third Report
7-Feb-17 Demand Flow Intelligence Limited - Fourth Report
11-Aug-17 Demand Flow Intelligence Limited - Fifth Report
1-Feb-18 Demand Flow Intelligence Limited - Sixth Report
1-Aug-18 Demand Flow Intelligence Limited - Seventh Report
26-Nov-18 Demand Flow lntelligence Limited - Final Report
7-May-18 Digipix Limited - Final Report
28-Mar-18 Digital Lounge Limited - First Report
7-Jun-21 Diversability in Action Collective - Final Report
30-May-16 DRS Holdings Limited - Fourth Report
18-Jul-16 DRS Holdings - Final Report
31-Oct-16 DSN Limited - Sixth Report
1-May-17 DSN Limited - Seventh Report
30-Oct-17 DSN Limited - Eighth Report
30-Apr-18 DSN Limited - Ninth Report
17-Oct-18 DSN Limited - Tenth Report
30-Apr-19 DSN Limited - Final Report
22-June-21 D T Consulting Limited - Final Report
23-Mar-21 Dylan O'Sullivan Earthmoving Limited - First Report
26-Mar-19 Ease Group LImited - First Report
17-Oct-19 Ease Group Limited - Second Report
9-Apr-20 Ease Group Limited - Third Report
27-Nov-20 Ease Group Limited - Final Report
9-May-16 East Coast Development - Final Report
10-Nov-16 Elm Trustee Limited - First Report
24-May-17 Elm Trustees Limited - Final Report
4-Jul-16 Emerald Shores Limited - Ninth Report
5-Oct-16 Emerald Shores Limited - Final Report
23-Nov-16 Energy Saving Centre (NZ) Limited - Fifth Report
28-Jun-17 Energy Saving Centre (NZ) Limited - Final Report
21-May-16 Energy Saving Services (NZ) Limited - Fourth Report
18-Jul-16 Energy Saving Services (NZ) Limited - Final Report
7-Aug-17 Energy Systems Professionals NZ Limited - First Report
10-Feb-18 Energy Systems Professionals NZ Limited - Second Report
30-May-18 Energy Systems Professionals NZ Limited - Final Report
25-Aug-17 Enntro Limited - First Report
26-Feb-18 Enntro Limited - Second Report
23-Aug-18 Enntro Limited - Third Report
25-Feb-19 Enntro Limited - Fourth Report
20-Sep-19 Enntro Limited - Fifth Report
25-Feb-20 Enntro Limited - Sixth Report
1-Sep-20 Enntro Limited - Final Report
7-May-21 Esplanade No 3 Limited - First Report
6-Sep-16 Europlaster Auckland Limited - Sixteenth Report
27-Mar-17 Europlaster Auckland Limited - Seventeenth Report
7-Sep-17 Europlaster Auckland Limited - Eighteenth Report
10-Jun-21 Expressaholic Cuba Limited - Final Report