Risk Management

Some highly publicised corporate failures in recent years have bought risk firmly to the attention of business owners and senior managers. But where do you start in understanding how to manage threats to your business?

Risk management is a discipline that has been evolving over the past decade, and BDO has extensive experience in helping to identify, assess and manage risk in projects and everyday operations.  

BDO can work with you to develop or enhance your organisation’s approach to risk management to the point where it's successfully embedded into the ‘modus operandi’ of your organisation. 

How we can help:

  • Develop a risk framework that is fit for purpose
  • Identify risk through workshops and interviews
  • Assess the appropriate response
  • Conduct risk training
  • Advise on issues around communication and culture
  • Develop risk management tools for specific needs.

If risk management is a concern, speak to a BDO adviser today.

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Warren Johnstone

Warren Johnstone

Deputy Chair, BDO New Zealand; Audit & Assurance Partner; International Liaison Partner for BDO New Zealand