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At BDO, we understand that people, planet and profit drive Māori business above all else and so we tailor our support for Māori business with this in mind. 

BDO Pakihi Taitokerau is a majority Māori owned BDO Māori business advisory entity of BDO Northland. BDO Pākihi, pākihi being the Māori word for business, operates through a te ao Māori lens, balancing people, planet and profit to ensure the best outcomes for generations to come, as well as today. Learn more about BDO Pākihi here.

Angela Edwards discusses the BDO Pākihi Māori sector with Pio Terei MNZM, watch their kōrero:

Working specifically with Māori businesses, we have the knowledge and passion to help see the Māori business sector thrive.  

Our Māori business advisers have strong relationships with the sector, and are there on the ground working with you every day to help you achieve your dreams for your people, the planet and your profits. We have a genuine understanding of the unique conditions in which Māori businesses operate – and this understanding gets deeper every year as we continue with our annual BDO Māori Business Sector Report. This provides us an opportunity to further knowledge in a sector that is integral to Aotearoa’s economy and yet is not often researched, and we are proud to each year work with Māori businesses to put this report together.


We know that Māori businesses have long-term intergenerational goals to ensure the wellbeing of your whānau and whenua - and so do we. Our Sir Henare Ngata scholarship for Māori accountant students is our way of helping to increase the number of rangatahi entering into business, helping to ensure the long-term success of a sector that has for hundreds of years led the way in some of today’s biggest issues, including climate change and social wellbeing.

BDO Wellbeing & Business Performance Index
– BDO Te Rangahau o ngā hauora pai

Our bi-annual report explores the relationship between business performance and wellbeing in businesses leaders across New Zealand, including Māori business leaders. See our latest findings and read the report here.