BDO Business Wellbeing Index

November 2023 Report

Our business landscape is changing. What does this mean for you?

Welcome to the fourth BDO Business Wellbeing Index report - our twice-yearly study of business performance and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand. Conducted in the two weeks following the 2023 general election, this edition of the report offers a timely snapshot of sentiment among over 500 local business leaders during a time of change – political, economic and environmental.

To start the conversation, we invited in a panel of experts to explore the topic and share insights for the business community. Watch the vodcast featuring a discussion facilitated by business journalist Madison Reidy, with Kimberley Symon, BDO Advisory Partner, Tarunesh Singh, BDO Head of Risk Advisory, and Iain Craig, BDO Tax Partner.

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About the index

Launched in June 2022, the BDO Business Wellbeing Index is a unique biannual study exploring the relationship between wellbeing (leveraging the World Health Organisation’s globally recognised WHO-5 Wellbeing Index methodology) and business performance in the New Zealand business sector.  

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