Fraud Risk & Assessments

Fraud risks to business are on the increase. They are also gaining in complexity as systems and processes evolve, and parts of operations are outsourced to specialist providers.

Findings from the BDO Not-for-Profit Fraud Survey suggest that asset losses can be significant. Yet often the risk consideration is reactive rather than pre-emptive.

When your organisation is under threat, you need to act swiftly to deal with issues. BDO's Forensic Services professionals can help you resolve high-risk matters before that escalate. We can help you investigate issues involving:

  • Fraud and corruption
  • Accounting irregularities 
  • Litigation resolution
  • Data recovery
  • Compliance issues

BDO can formally consider, document and provide advice to help mitigate your fraud risks. Contact us to find out how.

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Warren Johnstone

Warren Johnstone

Deputy Chair, BDO New Zealand; Audit & Assurance Partner; International Liaison Partner for BDO New Zealand