IT Risk Advisory

Assessing the scope and magnitude of your information technology risks.

Information technology risk is ever increasing. As businesses rely on automated processes, embedded system controls and outsourced technology solutions like the Cloud, the risk that something will threaten the security of your systems and data is real.

BDO conducts reviews to assess the scope and magnitude of your information technology risks, and can advise on solutions to mitigate the risks identified. We can help you in a number of areas, including:

  • Assess risks in your control environment
  • Assess risks with outsourced information technology service
  • Provide advice on how overall system design (strategy, organisation structure, governance, policies and procedures) to protect against risks
  • Offer tailoring on new structures and procedures

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Warren Johnstone

Warren Johnstone

Deputy Chair, BDO New Zealand; Audit & Assurance Partner; International Liaison Partner for BDO New Zealand