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Is your business ready to provide an excellent export service to international markets? New Zealand businesses like yours who want to expand into overseas markets are passionate, driven and innovative. Scaling up often means competing on the international stage and New Zealand is well-known, and respected, for boxing well above its weight in international markets. Expanding into overseas markets is a complex exercise but BDO’s team of International Business Advisers are here to provide you with the expertise to succeed.

New Zealand exporters contributed almost NZ$80 billion of goods in 2018. This was principally made up of dairy, meat, wood products, fruit, machinery, wine, fish and seafood with our key export countries being China, Australia and Europe.
You have to look no further than some of the businesses we already work with such as Olivado to see the success that NZ companies have achieved internationally.

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Our International Business Advisers will smooth the transition

Expanding overseas is a complex exercise – from unfamiliar cultures to regulatory regimes to ensuring your business international tax structure is favourable, that you’re fully cognisant of the implications of cross border tax issues and establishing an effective financial reporting system that is relevant and accurate is integral to your successful growth journey. Our tax, Advisory and China Business experts are on hand to assist you transition smoothly to offshore markets.
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Common issues faced by New Zealand Exporters:

  • Permanent establishment

Going into export markets without getting professional advice could very likely cause you to create a permanent establishment (PE) for your NZ business in a foreign jurisdiction. This means you may have foreign tax obligations without even being aware of them.

  • Transfer pricing

You need to get this right and get it documented. Failure to do so could lead to significant penalties in NZ and offshore.

  • Double tax

If you don’t structure your export activities properly you may well end up paying tax twice and not taking advantage of any Double Tax Agreements (DTA’s) that may be available to you.

  • Finding the right JV partners

Exporting to overseas markets can be time consuming and challenging. Having a credible local JV partner can help lessen the risks associated with entering another market. This is where our International Business Advisers can assist you.

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If you’re starting out on your journey, make sure you are export ready and talk to us in full confidence about your ideas. If you're already exporting, speak to us about maximizing your potential.

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