Information systems governance, change management, & benefits realisation

Projects often fail due to a lack of robust project management, an ever-changing scope of works, or having questions addressed by stakeholders who lack the technical expertise. 

BDO can support you to avoid these issues in these key areas:

  • Cloud computing strategies
  • IS audit reporting
  • Technology risk & assurance
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity planning
  • Change management advisory
  • IT business case benefits realisation

Our approach

We believe that setting up programmes and projects with good governance ensures success from the outset. We work hard to create a shared and common understanding of what success looks like. 
We will ask you the critical questions:

  1. What are the outcomes?
  2. What are the outputs?
  3. What are the critical success factors?
  4. What is the context?
  5. How will this best fit for you?
  6. How does this scope work within your organisation
  7. How will we measure the benefits?
  8. How will we communication and deliver the changes successfully?

However, asking the questions is the easy part. BDO delivers real value by having the proven experience, risk management practices, and depth of expertise to turn your answers into a specific deliverable, programme of work. 

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