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Business systems need to talk to each other. When a customer buys something from you, you don’t want to have to manually update it across your inventory, shipping, finance and in-store point-of-sale data. In an ideal world, everything would be connected and every element would update automatically in real time.  

This is what our ALTSHIFT offering can do for your business. ALTSHIFT is a division of BDO Information Systems which specialises in cloud solutions for New Zealand’s SME market. ALTSHIFT will lead your business on an end-to-end digital transformation that sees you leave legacy systems behind and create efficiency and cost savings, ultimately leading to better business decisions and scalable growth.

Integration and automation to see your business grow 

When you use a manual or disconnected system, even if you have the best product in the world, your business can’t help but get slowed down. All those bits of paper, incorrect manual data entry, slow approvals processes across different departments… how can you make positive business decisions when your reporting is weeks out of date? Even if you’ve moved to a more modern system, if the individual elements can’t talk to each other, it still makes it hard for you to scale up your business, because there are delays between orders being processed and stock moving off the shelves.  

The end-to-end digital solutions BDO provides through ALTSHIFT will integrate and automate your systems – saving you time and money and ensuring you have a firm base from which to grow. You’ll be able to scale up your orders and streamline your finance department, leaving the people in your business to focus on what matters – making sure you’re servicing your customers in the best way possible. We also offer full spectrum sales and CRM solutions, as well as systems consolidation services for multi-entity organisations.   

We provide end-to-end solutions across: 

  • Inventory / ERP 

  • Dispatch and fulfilment 

  • Point of sale 

  • Sales & CRM 

  • Forecasting and business intelligence  

  • Multi-entity systems consolidation 

With you every step of the way on your digital transformation journey 

We know undergoing systems transformation can be daunting, which is why we’ll guide you through every step of the journey – at ALTSHIFT we follow a unique set of events on the path towards go live that incorporates checks and balances along the way to ensure a smooth and effective transition. We are not tied to any single solution. Instead we sit down with your business and conduct a full-spectrum needs analysis to ensure we pick a system that’s right for you.  

We have worked with businesses across multiple industries, from fashion and retail to food and manufacturing, and we also provide bespoke solutions for e-commerce and omni-channel selling, as well as for multi-entity groups looking to consolidate their systems.  

We can help offer clients access to leading offerings through our partnerships and networks, including MYOB and Xero, both of which have recently recognised BDO as 2021 Partner of the Year. We're focused on continuing to grow our relationships, as strong partnerships mean strong outcomes for our clients. 

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