Business systems discovery & assessment services

BDO gives you the benefits of local experience and expertise alongside international perspectives and insights. 
We have specialist teams of trained professionals, proven methodologies, and can draw on the experience of supporting many people like you needing independent technology expertise. This will allow you to make the decisions you need to, based on the facts. 

Our expertise focuses on the following key areas:

1.    Information Systems discovery & business requirements definition

  • All organisations have pain points that require informed changes to be made.  However, there is no such thing as ‘one solution fits all’. 

  • Working together to address the right pain points in the right order is key to making successful, informed changes.

  • We are seeing more and more successful organisations invest in IS discovery work that first defines the problems to be solved before determining what solutions are available that meet these needs.

2.     Enterprise architecture & analysis

  • Your business is a series of systems that are made up of people, processes, and technology.  All are interdependent and interconnected.

  • Most organisations do not have the time or energy to stay current on the fast paced developments in technologies and implement them successfully.  As a result, we are seeing digital disruption and technical debt impacting the bottom line and slowing the productivity of many organisations today.

  • At BDO we offer services that enable the effective redesign of your systems and processes.

3.    Assessing fit-for-purpose solutions

  • BDO will help you navigate and pick the best solution for your business.

  • Advice on how best to run the selection process, be it a formal RFI/RFP or a selection based on best of class solutions.

4.    Process mapping & control improvements

Your organisation needs to have a shared and common understanding of who does what, when and where. 

This requires process.  Processes and controls save you having to ask these types of questions:

  • Where are your single points of failure? 

  • How will staff holidays impact your service delivery? 

  • Where does your organisation typically fall down in servicing your customers’ needs?

BDO’s skilled team expertly maps your processes in an easy to understand way. We set up control points so you know how you are tracking and identify exceptions so that you achieve what you need to in the most effective and efficient manner.

5.    Business systems benchmarking and road mapping across people, process & technology

  • We will ensure that the systems and processes we recommend match the specific and unique needs of your business.

  • Our consultants take a long-term approach so you know that the business systems you invest in will continue to support you.

  • Our benchmarking allows us to ensure that your investment in business systems is on par with other organisations in your industry.

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