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Tax Knowledge Bank

We would like to introduce you to the “Tax Knowledge Bank”. As part of our commitment to you, we have developed (and are developing) a series of commentaries, information sheets and FAQs around common tax issues. It’s not about re-writing the Tax Act, it’s about providing you with a broad tax runway and guidance to confirm understanding or to maneuver away from mistakes that are commonly made.

We are here to guide and help you, but without a bit of knowledge sometimes it’s hard to know what question to ask. Tax Knowledge Bank provides you with information on tax topics that we often encounter. It will never be able to provide all the answers, and is general in nature, but exists to help steer you in the right direction; or to just quench those with a thirst for information.

Information is correct at the time of writing.


Tax Stats, dates and rates

A guide to key New Zealand tax stats and facts


When is your land sale taxable?

While New Zealand does not have a comprehensive capital gains tax system, we do have wide ranging rules that will tax land sales. 

Tax resident individuals fact sheet

A New Zealand tax resident fact sheet to help you understand how your income will be taxed if you move overseas or are returning to NZ.


▶ Becoming a tax resident of New Zealand

Learn more about become a tax resident of New Zealand

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