Tax Accounting

Streamlined tax accounting services

Need a tax accountant that can offer a collaborative and tailored approach? Our many years of experience with clients of all sizes and industries means we can get you or your business in the best position to meet your tax obligations.

BDO will work with you to ensure the income tax provisions in your financial statements are correct, supported and explainable. No matter where you are in New Zealand, we can offer personalised tax help in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and elsewhere. Get in touch with your local BDO adviser today.

How BDO can help:

  • Tax provision outsourcing that delivers an audit firm-ready package
  • Global coordination for international income tax accounting needs
  • Detailed year-end tax provision calculations to minimise future tax return preparation
  • Calculation of group positions including loss offsets or subvention payments.
two women having private advisory meeting at home

Get tax advice that works for you

Our specialists fully understand New Zealand’s tax system and work to assist clients with both personal and business taxes and related accounting issues. Our position as a global leader in the tax advisory industry allows us to offer high-quality services backed by expert knowledge. We’re also flexible enough to give you tax help that’s designed to help smaller business, rather than delivering a one-size fits all approach that will only give you more work to manage. We work hard to understand the needs of your industry and your business so we can provide advice on the full range of business and tax related issues, without giving you advice you don’t need.