GST & Customs

We know GST & Customs

We all know that GST is a value added consumption tax generally imposed at 15% on the supply of goods and services.  But there's plenty more to know about GST.

GST’s broad base often belies its complexity and areas of tension. Certain exceptions apply - including land, leasing, digital services, imported and exported goods and services. There are also mixed use assets and time or place of supply issues.

As a system based tax it's also critical that your system for collecting and recording the required GST information is efficient and robust. Without this, systematic errors can compound over a period of time.

It's important to have an adviser who understand all the implications for you and your business. That's where BDO can help.

We can assist with:

  • GST consulting advice on specific transactions
  • GST review of systems
  • GST return preparation
  • Overseas online services
  • Mixed use apportionment calculations
  • GST audit reviews

Customs implication for GST

New Zealand Customs collect GST on imported goods; and a deferred payment scheme exists for approved importers. New Zealand also imposes custom duties on specific goods at differing rates. 

While Customs Duty isn't imposed extensively in New Zealand, if you are importing goods, you really need to know which goods are affected and by how much - to ensure you're taking into account all related costs. 

We can advise on Customs Duties and assist in appropriate pricing and valuation for imported goods.