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Retail thrive series 2022

The 5 key trends impacting NZ’s retailers in 2022, and how you can turn them into opportunities

New Zealand’s retail sector has once again proved its resilience. 2021 brought a suite of new difficulties, including the country’s longest lockdown. Now the sector is dealing with new staffing and economic challenges caused by Omicron. And yet through it all, many of our retail businesses have proved that no matter what happens, they will not only survive but thrive.

2022 will see fresh challenges. Disruption is coming - large online retailers have signalled moves to set up shop in New Zealand, staffing is going to become an issue as Kiwis look to travel, and there will be increasing demands from consumers for more sustainable products and practices from the businesses they buy from.

But as with any set of challenges, they will also bring many opportunities. Retailers who stay on top of these trends and take the time to reflect and plan for the year ahead will create a stronger, more resilient business – one that’s ready to take on anything that 2022 may throw at them.

Our retail insights includes articles on what we believe are the top 5 trends impacting retail this year and tips for how you can turn these into opportunities.

We'll be releasing deep dives on each of the key trends in the coming year. To keep in the loop of when these are released, follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our mailing list.

Excelling Post Disruption

The last twelve months have taught us to be prepared for the unexpected. BDO’s third Retail Thrive Guide looks at Planning, Strategy and Risk Minimisation to help you navigate the coming year with your retail business.


Strategy - People and Transformation

For retailers or indeed any small to medium-sized enterprise affected by minimum wage increases, you are operating in a challenging environment. BDO’s second Retail Thrive Guide has been written with this in mind. It focuses on how you can gain a competitive edge through changing your strategy and operational behaviours.


BDO Retail Thrive Guide - A Changing World

As a New Zealand retailer, you will know all too well that the retail environment is going through an unprecedented period of disruption. Find out ways in which BDO can help you to future-proof your business. 


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