BDO NZ Risk Landscape Report 2022

Understand and mitigate the three greatest risks facing New Zealand businesses.

New Zealand perspectives on the 2022 Global Risk Landscape Report

In ‘Riding the wave of uncertainty: New Zealand perspectives on the Global Risk Landscape Report’, we’ll help you understand and mitigate the three greatest risks facing New Zealand businesses today:

  1. Geopolitical tensions and economic instability
  2. Supply chain
  3. Environmental, Social and Governance


Our insights

Conflicts and trade wars taking place on the other side of the world are having very real effects on the bottom lines of Kiwi businesses. Meanwhile the increasingly pressing, global issue of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is having a serious impact on NZ businesses, who are having to adjust to rapidly-evolving expectations from consumers, clients, employees and Government. With geopolitical and economic conditions changing every day, Kiwi businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every industry, are being impacted in a very real way by global events that they have no control over. 

What they can control, however, is their approach to managing these risks. 

Now more than ever, it’s time for Kiwi businesses to understand the risks they face, and to embed a culture of risk management that stretches throughout the organisation, from the board to the shop floor. 

We hope the report helps you to ride the wave of uncertainty, not only embedding resilience into  your organisation, but also harnessing the opportunities that some of these risks present. 

Watch our video insights with Tarunesh Singh and news reporter, Wilhelmina Shrimpton. 

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BDO Global risk landscape report 2022: A fragmenting world

The seismic economic shocks of the past two years have led businesses, industries and governments to rethink supply security and, hence, supply chains, placing a bigger focus on resilience over efficiency and low costs. While the COVID-19 pandemic turned entire global supply chains upside down, the geopolitical shocks that will continue to have an impact on supply chains have been creeping up before the upheavals of 2020 and 2021. There are no simple solutions for weathering ongoing and forthcoming supply chain storms. As uncertainty is set to continue on an international scale and businesses need to prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship issues, the case for resilient supply chains is stronger than ever. The BDO Global Risk Landscape report 2022 focuses on the key supply chain risks facing organisations globally and what they have been doing to mitigate these, covering geopolitical tensions, supply chain transparency, cyber security, and ESG.
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