• Moving to the Cloud

The sky is the limit with the cloud

Cloud technologies are transforming how you can access your financial data and help you take advantage of business opportunities. Cloud accounting systems allow you to streamline your finances and make business decisions based on real-time information, saving you time and money.

Technology is moving fast, and moving to the cloud can be confusing. Our BDO team can help you embrace cloud technologies through:

  • BDODrive – a flexible platform to help you optimise your business performance, whatever stage you’re at.

  • Xero – simple, flexible accounting software that you can access from anywhere, anytime.

  • Spotlight – a visually impressive reporting tool that unlocks business insights tailored to you

  • FUTRLI – a powerful reporting tool that provides real-time business insights.

  • Digital transformation – experienced specialists in technology who understand the painpoints of transitioning systems


Moving to the Cloud - FAQ's

The benefits of moving to the cloud are clear, but for many business owners, the cloud can be something of a mystery. That's why we've created this list of frequently asked questions, to make sure you understand exactly what moving to the cloud means, and what advantages it will bring to your business.

What is cloud computing?

The storing of data on the internet instead of on-premises, such as on a hard drive.

Why should I move my business to the cloud?

The cloud gives SMEs access to a huge amount of information, which previously was only available to large enterprises that could afford expensive software. This helps to level the playing field for smaller businesses. the cloud also allows for enhanced accessibility, scalability, increased security, and improved connections with other service providers.

What types of services and applications are available on the cloud?

Many different applications are available on the cloud, including accounting, business intelligence, communication services, point of sale, enterprise resource management systems, customer relationship management systems, HR and payroll functions, as well as file sharing and document collaboration.

What is cloud accounting?

One of the most popular cloud services, cloud accounting is when you use the internet to access your accounting software.

Can I integrate other systems?

Integration is one of the best features of the cloud. If you link your cloud accounting software to your point of sale system, for example, your accounts will be updated in real time as soon as a sale is made. this can also update your inventory levels when linked to inventory management software, which can order new stock automatically when lots of one product is purchased.

How flexible is the cloud?

Cloud applications allow you to scale up as your business grows, adding additional users, functions and applications on a case-by-case basis - perfect for expanding businesses!

Who provides cloud software?

There are many different cloud software providers. Xero, for example, is one of the most popular cloud accounting platforms available, while business intelligence tool FUTRLI provides powerful reporting and forecasting functionality.

How secure is the cloud?

Cloud software providers include many different security protocols, far more than most SMEs could afford for their own servers. These include end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication and regular cybersecurity updates and patches. Cloud software also allows you to set permissions varying by user.

Is the cloud expensive?

Cloud software is much cheaper than downloading applications onto individual devices. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and your cloud provider will take care of everything, from server management and software upgrades to data security and backups.

How do I know if my business is ready for the cloud?

All businesses are ready for the cloud! If you aren't moving over, you're putting your business at a competitive disadvantage.

What does my business need to move to the cloud?

The main thing you'll need is a good internet connection. It also helps to reassess your current systems to decide which ones you really need moving forward, and which ones you want to move to the cloud first.

What cloud services does BDO provide?

BDO is a platinum partner of xero. Using Xero and its range of over 700 add-ons, we are able to draw on the knowledge from our nationwide BDO network to implement an ecosystem that best meets your needs. we also partner with FUTRLI to provide you with real-time business insights.

What is BDODrive?

We've drawn together our whole business advisory offering into one service. Using the latest accounting and reporting technologies, BDODrive will help us develop a deeper understanding of where your business is at today, in order to find new avenues for growth tomorrow. Helping you navigate digital transformation, particularly via the cloud, is an integral part of this.