IFRS® specialist advice and opinion

At times the nature and complexity of an accounting challenge requires serious and dedicated analysis. Often an organisation (or individual) will need someone to detail in black and white what the facts are, what accounting questions these create, and what the proposed outcomes may be.

We work with our clients to ensure that when they put pen to paper, the output is clear, concise and most importantly understandable.

Our services in this area include:

Formal accounting opinions

Providing written reports on complex accounting treatments such as the sale or purchase of significant assets, business combinations and M&A activity, transactions involving a business’ shares, or financing arrangements.

Often these are requested/required for:

  • Internal Board or Audit committee purposes.
  • Audit documentation.
  • Financing and securitisation arrangements.

Support litigation

Providing support and advice in actions brought by and against an organisation (or individual) relating to accounting treatments, including:

  • During the discovery phase of the action.
  • Providing expert witness services as part of a defence or prosecution.

If you feel that these services would be a positive addition to your organisation, contact a BDO adviser today.

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