• Financial Literacy

Let's Talk Finance - Essential financial and accounting skills in just one day! 

Let’s Talk Finance powered by the Colour Accounting Learning System is a highly successful one-day finance and accounting training programme. This is suitable for all levels, enabling people to think confidently about finance and engage in the conversation.

This one day workshop is visual and hands-on, demonstrating how accounting, finance and business work, and importantly, how they interrelate. Participants leave able to read and understand a balance sheet and income statement, telling a meaningful financial story that informs decision-making. 

Our Colour Accounting workshops can also be tailored as an on-site presentation to managers at your business, get in touch with us to find out more.

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Programme outcomes

The Day 1 and follow on modules deliver powerful outcomes that include:

  • Truly understand the mechanics and language of accounting
  • See clearly the fundamental structure of financial statements in a way that makes them readily approachable and usable
  • Be comfortable reading and analysing key financial reports in order to spot potential commercial issues
  • Engage confidently in financial conversations, asking powerful questions based on a rich understanding of financial elements and an all-encompassing concept framework
  • Understand the relevance and uses of key performance measures, such as Return on Equity
  • Spot the high-risk areas of financial statements
  • Be conscious of the ambiguities in the language that accountants and financial professionals use, improving communication and reducing misunderstandings
  • Know the difference between important terms and trivial naming conventions
  • Understand how business works as a value generation cycle


  • Create opportunities at work
  • Make better and more-informed financial decisions
  • Be fully informed to meet business goals
  • Engage and communicate more effectively about financial matters
  • Share the mindset of colleagues, clients and the CEO to gain credibility as a trusted, business-savvy team member
  • Avoid repeated cycles of financial training that don’t work