BDO Action Plan

The BDO Business Action Planning process helps owners and management get aligned behind a clear set of goals for the organisation and to put in plan in place to achieve those goals.  

This process follows on from the BDO Business Review and involves your BDO adviser facilitating a workshop which helps our clients answer the following questions:

  • What are the owners’ agreed expectations for the business?

  • What are the key opportunities, threats and risks to the business?

  • What are the financial targets of the business?

  • What growth strategies are needed to reach those targets?

  • What markets will the business explore?

  • What are the longer term priorities and one-year goals that need to be achieved in those markets?

  • How will management be organised to effectively manage resources?

  • What are the priorities and one-year goals in the operations, human resources, and technology areas of the business?

  • What are the required actions to achieve the one-year goals?

  • Who will be responsible and accountable for completing actions?

  • How will performance be measured, and who is accountable for that performance?

The outcome is an eight to 10 page business action plan that captures the key outcomes of the process.  Also included is a one page Strategy Map, providing a cohesive overview of all the areas discussed and how they interrelate.  From here, the owners and the BDO adviser review regular progress against this plan with periodic meetings and actual versus budget, coupled with KPI analysis.    

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