BDO helps business owners and students to become ‘Tycoons’

Running a business isn’t a rehearsal. The pitfalls and potential for failure are all too real. However, up until now there has been little assistance available to really help aspiring and existing business owners to learn the ropes in a risk-free environment.

As advisers to literally thousands of New Zealand business owners, leading accounting & advisory firm BDO has addressed this by partnering with the Joy Business Academy to provide integrated business advice for their series of ‘Tycoon’ games.

The Tycoon games provide gamified learning and development opportunities for aspiring or existing Kiwi business owners.

The games teach players how to successfully run a business and discover the tools needed to excel in the future of business. From invoicing jobs to research and development, students will learn financial literacy and business evolution skills as they progress through the games.

The games were developed by JOY Business Academy in association with the Ministry of Social Development, BCITO, Microsoft, BNZ and Xero, as well as BDO.

At present there are three games; Restaurant Tycoon, Tech Tycoon and Construction Tycoon, the latter being released on 15th May.

This latest game, Construction Tycoon immerses players in the construction business. They can create their own company, build a property portfolio and put together a team strong on logistics, worksite safety, and money management – while trying to keep afloat.

BDO’s Director of Innovation, Adam Davy commented

“As business advisers, our job is to ‘see what is around the corner’ for business owners and make sure that they have the right advice, tools and resources to thrive.   The advice that we have integrated into the Tycoon games does just that; it provides the seamless expertise and prompts to really simulate the realities of running a business day to day.”


Visit BDO Tycoon to find out more and to download your free game.