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RETHINK Webinar Series 2021

25 February 2021

New Zealand has re-opened for business whilst the destructive pandemic continues to be having an unprecedented impact on individuals, businesses and economies around the world.

Building ‘Resilience’ in the current business environment to safeguard critical aspects of an organisation; and looking forward to ‘Realise’ the future benefits of smart, timely business decisions are two key processes being used across the global BDO network, and an essential part of a road-map to help New Zealand businesses be successful in future months.

Through the RETHINK series, our BDO subject-matter experts and guest presenters will provide you with insights that will challenge your thinking, provide insights to support your resilience and the vision to realise your goals. 

During the RETHINK series we will address the following topics:

  • The economic outlook and key considerations for your business
  • NZ Election 2020: Peer into the looking glass
  • Your business risks as we uncover findings from the BDO Global Risk Landscape Report
  • The key facets of employment brand and flexible working practices
  • Boosting your business resilience
  • Governing for purpose
  • Tax, benefits and finance

The BDO team is focussed on supporting you with a range of measures, tools, resources and insights to ensure we continue to support our clients through these challenging times.

Be part of the conversation and join us throughout our BDO RETHINK webinar series. 



Upcoming Webinars  

Episode 10: RETHINK with Deputy Prime Minister Hon Grant Robertson

We’re delighted to be hosting Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Grant Robertson for Episode 10 of our BDO RETHINK webinar series as we discuss the government's post-budget policy priorities impacting our economy and your business.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021 at 9am – 10am


  • Deputy Prime Minster Hon Grant Robertson
  • David O’Connor, Chairman, BDO New Zealand
Previous Webinars  
Episode 9: RETHINKing the Social Profit; Governance, Investment and Impact

In this webinar we discussed 3 BIG Issues in the Social Profit (or Public Benefit Entity) sector. While these are all big issues in their own right, this webinar will provide you with valuable experience and practical ideas to move your organisation forward.


  • Governance boards and their role in risk leadership
  • The importance of understanding success for the organisation and aligning priorities and measures
  • The strategic leadership role of boards.


  • Low interest rate environment - is it set to continue?
  • Investment strategies – how to generate returns in this environment
  • What are the challenges boards, or committees, face with investments?


  • What we mean by 'measuring impact'
  • How measuring impact, and the process of doing so, drives decision-making
  • Improving the quality of the statement of service performance.


Episode 8: RETHINKing Your Tax

We discuss a range of critical tax issues for you and your business, including:

  • New top personal tax rate of 39%
  • Changes to loss carry forward rules
  • Introduction of new tax rules on rental properties
  • Wish list for the upcoming budget

Amendments to legislation require a RETHINK of the rules! Watch the video for our insights.



Episode 7: Purpose-driven governance

Put simply; Purpose-driven organisations do better. They are more ambitious, they attract and retain the right talent, they inspire innovation and are able to make faster decisions. Crucially, they are more trusted. Why? Because they know exactly why they do what they do, and who they are doing it for.

Purpose beyond profit is the key to remaining competitive and sustainable in the long term – we explore the importance of looking beyond the bottom-line and how innovative governance teams are driving change.


  • Antonia Watson, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ
  • David O’Connor, BDO New Zealand Chairman and BDO Auckland audit partner


Episode 6: RETHINKing the tax landscape

Following the New Zealand election, the BDO team discuss a range of tax changes and issues. With the continuation of a Labour-led government there is a sense of continuity in tax.....but there's a catch!

Iain and Mark discuss Labour’s tax plan and the (re)introduction of the 39% personal tax rate as part of their Covid-19 revenue policy.  This change might make you start to RETHINK:

  • Is your business ownership structure fit-for-purpose?
  • When should you be thinking about making dividend payments?
  • Remuneration strategies, what’s efficient?
  • If we make changes, will it be seen as tax avoidance?



Episode 5: Boosting your organisations’ resilience ​

What comes next for your organisation in order to build resilience and strive towards recovery, realising the opportunities and begin to thrive? We look at the essential areas for consideration to boost your recovery and resilience with a particular focus on financial decision-making.


  • Sam Johnson, CEO of the Student Volunteer Army, Young New Zealander of the Year 2012
  • Phillip Roth, Advisory Partner, BDO Christchurch


Episode 4: Building a more resilient business - Auckland Airport

We are painfully cognisant of the precarious position many businesses are facing. Rethinking infrastructure projects, reviewing spend, reforecasting budgets and what’s critical versus nice to have in the upcoming months are issues for Chief Executives and Directors throughout New Zealand.

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Adrian on how he is rethinking the future and ensuring resilience at Auckland Airport.


  • Adrian Littlewood, Chief Executive, Auckland Airport
  • David O’Connor, BDO New Zealand Chairman and BDO Auckland audit partner

Episode 3: What are your business risks as we uncover findings from the BDO Global Risk Landscape Report

2020 has declared itself the year of risk and disruption. As restrictions ease and business activity increases, the release of our latest Global Risk Landscape report provides a timely opportunity to explore the most pertinent issues and challenges as we collectively move forward.


  • Tarunesh Singh, Head of Risk Advisory Services, BDO Auckland
  • Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist of Kiwibank


Episode 2: Peering into the looking glass: NZ Election 2020

We’d all agree that 2020 has been unprecedented. As businesses rethink their strategy, exhibit resilience and look to realise the benefits of smart, timely business decisions so does the New Zealand Government. What does recovery look like with a political lens?


  • Spiro Anastasiou, Partner, SenateSHJ
  • Doug Haines, BDO Wellington Advisory Partner


Episode 1: What does a resilient New Zealand economy look like?

Helping us navigate the new reality is former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir Bill English KNZM. Embedding resilience and keeping your business running in the face of challenging business conditions is crucial, and its important to be cognisant of the macro issues impacting our economy.

Sir Bill English and David O’Connor will have a face-to-face conversation on a variety of big-picture, strategic issues that will have a fundamental impact on the New Zealand economy and your ability to be resilient.

  • How should we manage our borders?
  • Do we allow international students?
  • How do we support our sport, leisure and tourism sector?
  • How do we effectively support our social security and welfare system?


  • Sir Bill English KNZM, former Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • David O’Connor, BDO New Zealand Chairman and BDO Auckland audit partner



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