Be heard and empowered to make your ideas happen

Be heard and empowered to make your ideas happen

Jessica Wright didn’t always think she’d be an accountant – and she also didn’t anticipate staying with one firm for six years and counting. BDO Invercargill has shown her the possibilities of a diverse and evolving accounting career, where she’s supported to be her best every day.  

We spoke to Jess about her career journey and why she loves BDO Invercargill. 

Tell us about your BDO journey.  

“I actually started my university studies thinking I’d go into surveying, but I soon realised I hated it! Eventually, I decided to return to accounting, which I had dropped in high school because it was taught by correspondence. I liked numbers, which is why surveying appealed, so the decision to go back to accounting wasn’t too difficult. 

After returning to Invercargill, I spoke with Tim Ward, the Managing Partner at BDO Invercargill, and joined the firm as a Graduate doing business advisory work. Six years and a CA later, I’m still here! 

I never thought I’d stay this long at a firm, but I love the work. We have a diverse range of clients and I feel empowered to play a leading role in relationships with them, learning about a huge range of industries and doing different types of work. 

BDO Invercargill is also really flexible in allowing me to take time off to travel. If COVID hadn’t hit, I perhaps would have ended up overseas for a period. However, I’ve found a great balance here where I can do the work I enjoy and still take time for travel, which means I don’t feel like I need to take a working OE.” 

What does it mean to be heard and empowered?  

“To me, being heard and empowered means being valued, supported, and equipped with the resources I need to thrive. It's that sense of motivation to be my best self." 

How does BDO support you to be heard and empowered? 

There are so many ways that BDO Invercargill supports me. We have an open-door policy and a flat company structure, which means everyone feels comfortable raising ideas and contributing to the conversation. I've had countless opportunities for professional development and advancement, including completing two of BDO's RISE leadership programs and two business advisory programs. 

I also run office trainings and do all the planning for our annual BDO Invercargill Big Day Out, which is a full-office non-technical day. I walked in as a shy graduate and am now so much more confident in interacting with both our internal BDO network and our clients. 

How does BDO’s approach make you feel?  

“At BDO Invercargill, I feel like I'm part of an inclusive and empowering environment. The atmosphere is collaborative and innovative, the office is friendly, and we work as a team – we all talk to each other the same, Partners and all.” 

At BDO I am my best when… "I feel supported and valued, I’m challenged, and given opportunities for professional growth." 

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