The Unsung Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Services

The success of your business is much more than a matter of black and red ink. That’s because a business is more than just numbers; it is people, and people need to be looked after, just like the business’s bottom line. Your business could benefit from maintaining healthy behaviours, sustaining employment hygiene factors, or effectively managing the people space. Outsourcing some or all HR functions to third-party professionals could prove a valuable solution.

BDO Gisborne appreciates the role that human resources can play in the future of your business. Learn more below.

Why outsource your HR functions?

Successful businesses need employees and teams that can communicate and manage themselves effectively, but this isn’t always easily achieved. Every business experiences difficulty with their people—some easy to resolve, others not so much. It’s a fact of being in business and employing people.  Not every business, however, has the resources or knowledge to protect themselves against the risks associated with employment. Using BDO Gisborne’s HR advisory services can fill these gaps for you, on an as-and-when-required basis, helping to ensure that you can receive assistance when it is needed and before it becomes urgent.

Outsourced HR professionals bring an independent and impartial perspective to employment channels, providing a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  • One-on-one and team coaching, such as self-improvement, goal achievement, KPI attainment, and motivation
  • Creating accountability by facilitating self-awareness and insight into behaviours of ourselves and others
  • Analyse and help individuals understand their communication styles for better workplace relationships

HR and employment advisory services within an accounting firm, even one as large as BDO, could be considered an anomaly but the marriage of accounting and HR makes more sense than it may initially seem. Both services work with businesses as their trusted advisers—cash flow, profits, and revenue for accountants; communication, behaviour, performance, and leadership for HR Consultants—to ensure they both work to their highest potential.

Key HR challenges and outcomes

We have found that the HR challenges businesses face today are often very similar, including problematic employee behaviour and legal obligations. Many people think their issues are unique, but the truth is they seldom are. Our experience with businesses empowers us to facilitate solutions tailored to the behavioural types, leadership styles, and communication styles of your unique team.

Achieving positive outcomes for your business will depend on acting early. BDO Gisborne’s HR advisory and employment services can have a greater impact when they are contacted by businesses at the first sign of when the employment relationship needs help.

We ask questions and seek to define explicitly what has and has not already occurred prior to us being involved. Many leaders and managers think they have their bases covered and that fault lies entirely with an employee. Once the business starts talking to the BDO Gisborne HR and employment service, they may discover that more could have been done to facilitate positive outcomes.  Businesses can always do something to resolve an employment-related issue.  Our aim is to get involved early to facilitate early support.

Many businesses who consult with BDO Gisborne’s HR and employment service find the benefit so tangibly significant they are compelled to investigate what other benefits could be realised.   We believe that everyone needs someone to talk to—someone neutral and independent—because we are not set up to know all the answers ourselves. 

Specialist HR support from BDO Gisborne

If your business needs to outsource valuable HR support, let the team at BDO Gisborne go beyond the accounting and business advisory services we’re famous for. Our accomplished HR team can help you improve workplace engagement, support, advice, insight, and compliance for everything from employee agreement development to wages.

Contact BDO Gisborne today to elevate your business’s HR capacity.