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06 August 2020

What is the value of my business? This is a very common question we are asked as Business Advisers and one that requires a high level of skill and experience to answer, it is also one that would be asked more often depending on the outcome of the proposed CGT (capital gains tax).    You can value...

05 August 2020

There is no question that starting up a business is a bold move which requires everything from vision and passion to plain hard slog and perhaps most importantly knowledge, as the old saying goes “knowledge is power’.   

31 July 2020

New Zealand has re-opened for business whilst the destructive pandemic continues to be having an unprecedented impact on individuals, businesses and economies around the world.Building ‘Resilience’ in the current business environment to safeguard critical aspects of an organisation; and looking...

30 July 2020

When people unite behind a clear vision and strategy, amazing things often happen. Emirates team New Zealand winning the America’s Cup in 2017 over defender, Oracle team USA is one example. The global success of Xero, driven by its vision of ‘beautiful accounting software’, is another. But too...

30 July 2020

Automation is no longer a luxury reserved for the world’s biggest corporations. Learn how automation can also benefit SMBs and family-owned businesses.

28 July 2020

Read all the latest articles relating to NZ IFRS 16, NZASB, accounting for the wage subsidy, and so much more.

27 July 2020

The performance of a business depends on the quality of decisions that are made.  These, in turn, depend on the quality of information available to the people who make the decisions.    An accounting system generally only provides information that arises from financial transitions.  In essence...

24 July 2020

As we tick over into the second half of 2020, we take a look at how entities have managed through the 2020 reporting seasons thus far with respect to the adoption of the new lease accounting standard (NZ IFRS 16).2020 was always going to be a busy year for entities who were adopting NZ IFRS 16...

22 July 2020

For 2020 reporting dates, the long-awaited new accounting standard on leases (NZ IFRS 16 Leases) comes into effect for for-profit entities who apply NZ IFRS.As we have covered in previous Cheat Sheets, NZ IFRS 16 results in a fundamental change in the way that lessees will need to account for...

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