Support for Maori business in Aotearoa

People, planet, profit. At BDO, we understand that these three things drive Māori business above all else. They are, therefore, at the heart of all of the work we do for you.

We understand that Māori business has to work in a way that is truly sustainable. It's not a choice - it's a necessity, driven by the fact that Māori assets are inherited by birth. Businesses cannot truly be sustainable unless they're looking after the environment around them, both in terms of the people and the planet they touch. This means we'll work alongside businesses to ensure each of the three pinnacles of Māori business are in balance, and that you are operating as sustainably as possible.

Nearly a third of all Māori businesses are owned by collectives, according to Westpac. While this is exciting, we also understand the difficulties it can cause. BDO will help you to work through differences of opinion in order to come to the best decision possible and ultimately keep to strategy.

Our offices are located throughout New Zealand, meaning we're there on the ground and know and understand the communities in which your business operates. Our work doesn't just end with a report; we help implement and offer advice for the whole business journey - and for Māori, this means life.

We work hard to help the Māori economy thrive in order to have a positive impact on the people who are part of it. The demographics are already changing - education is improving, and thanks to the cultural values held by Māori business, the improving Māori economy is already having a positive effect.

At BDO, we have a passion for seeing Māori businesses strive and achieve. We are part of the Iwi, we attend the births and the funerals and the weddings and truly get to know the people we work with. Here at BDO, we want to see not just the business develop and prosper, but also the Iwi, the Hapū and the Whānau around it.