Franchising – Invest in a partnership

Owning and managing a business comes with many challenges and risks, particularly in today’s rapidly shifting markets. You’ve invested in franchising to sidestep a few – seeking the advantages of a structured business model and the opportunity to take others on a journey through growth and wealth creation.

But considerable opportunity also stands to be gained from the trusted business relationships, networks and advisors you build around your business who become part of your team. Your partners in success.

It’s all about people. And experience.

No one knows your business like you do. But you don’t know what you don’t know - so it’s important to find someone who does. Someone who not only cares about your dreams, but a true partner with specialist, in-depth understanding of your industry, region and franchise system – and the inherent critical successful factors:

It’s time to get started.

We’re ready to build a long term relationship - bringing you extended networks, credentials and understanding of franchising and backing smart New Zealand business.

We support over 16,000 SME, mid-market, not-for-profit and corporate clients nationwide. We're part of the fastest growing global organisation in our profession for the past decade, find out more about us here.

Franchise Association of New Zealand strategic partner

We're proud to be a strategic partner of the Franchise Association of New Zealand - playing an active role in supporting and engaging with the franchising community at their conferences and awards events.

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Is franchising right for you?

Buying a business is a substantial investment. Once you have decided on a franchise system and started the purchase process - you must ask the right questions from the start. A careful, well thought due diligence on the business is the key to a successful transaction. Our checklist is designed to help guide you in the due diligence process.
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