BDO Agribusiness sustainability services

Sustainability matters. You want to run your farm in the most sustainable way possible, not just to meet rapidly evolving regulations, but because you generally care about the whenua – it’s your livelihood and it’s what you want the next generation to inherit.

At BDO, we’re passionate about sustainability too. Our specialist agribusiness team provide a range of tailored agricultural sustainability services to help ensure the success of your farm for generations to come. We come from agricultural backgrounds and hold relevant agricultural qualifications alongside our accounting, tax and business credentials, meaning we can offer a bespoke service that takes into account every aspect of your business and your farm.


Farm finance transformation

Transforming your farm practices to be more sustainable and align with changing regulations typically also demands transformation of your business structure, financial management and accounting framework. At BDO, we have accountants and tax professionals with expertise and experience in forecasting, financial modelling and other specialist skills to assist with your business transformation.

As the largest professional services firm working with New Zealand farmers, many of our agribusiness advisers now also have detailed first-hand experience specifically in managing transformations to more sustainable farm systems - and they are able to help ensure your business and farm system is structured in the most effective way possible.  

In the brief video below, Aaron Waite, Waimacher Farms, Taranaki New Zealand, shares the story of transforming his farm to adopt a more sustainable model – environmentally and financially – and the  key success factors in his journey to date.

Farm level emissions calculations

We’ll help you measure and report on your farm emissions so that you know exactly how much emissions are coming from your farm and what you can do to minimise it. Members of our team were consulted by members of the He Waka Eke Noa partnership to help create many of the calculators that are publicly available, and we specialise in using the beef and lambarable and hort calculator to help you measure your emissions and meet your reporting requirements.

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) consulting

We’ve been providing ETS consulting services as they relate to forestry for the last 12 years, and we are now offering these services to farming. We can help with:

  • ETS registrations
  • mapping
  • account holder opening
  • maintenance
  • emission reporting
  • land transactions advisory

We also offer consulting services to help you offset your emissions through sequestration and other methods.

Bespoke reporting & consulting services

We offer consulting services in relation to reporting on sustainability, economic impact and biodiviersity in a range of farming areas. Most recently, we were commissioned by Trust Tairāwhiti to produce a report on the impacts of permanent carbon farming on Te Tairāwhiti region.

Why BDO agribusiness sustainability services?

Our agribusiness team has specialist farming qualifications, meaning we understand farm systems and will tailor our services to your unique requirements. Many of our agribusiness team are leaders in their field, and are regularly consulted by government and other bodies on various aspects of farming sustainability and emissions calculations.

At BDO, we genuinely care about the success of your farm. We have 16 offices located across New Zealand, meaning our agri team lives in the communities in which you operate. We understand the lay of the land and have a genuine interest in making your farm more sustainable.

Reach out to your local agribusiness adviser today for more information.

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