Support for a changing industry

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has had a significant impact on agribusiness, and in particular the forestry sector, yet many businesses still do not understand how the ETS affects them and what to do about it.

We have clients in all aspects of the forestry industry including growing, harvesting, transplanting, processing and shipping. Because we understand the industry we can help you negotiate the challenges and maximise the opportunities that exist. 

Key business issues

  • Do you understand which trees are in the ETS and those that are not?

  • Do you understand your obligations in relation to pre-90 forest areas?

  • Do you require assistance in registering post-89 forest areas?

  • Do you require assistance in calculating your carbon credit entitlements and liabilities?

  • Would you like an independent review of a carbon contract or proposal presented to you?

  • Are you aware of the different ways to derive value from carbon credits?

How we can help

We provide an independent consultancy service to help you understand your obligations, risks and opportunities in the ETS, and advice on how to register and participate in the ETS.  Our specialist advisers are active across the foresty industry. Contact us to find out how BDO can help you.

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