Time to Lead

16 July 2020

As this new economic reality starts to take hold, a high level of strategic reflection remains crucial for businesses to remain resilient and forward-looking. More than ever, leaders need to demonstrate this resilience –and that they can not only respondeffectively in this time of crisis, but recover and thrive throughout it and into the future.

In each episode our speakers will be interviewed on an important ‘big think’ topic. They will zoom into it from a global point of view, sharing their personal perspectives as a global leader.

Each podcast will bring a number of key strategic discussion points to the table, important to consider when the market recovers. Listen to the podcasts below:

No. Topic  
1 The Power of Purpose LISTEN

In Episode 1 of our brand-new #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Keith Farlinger, BDO’s global CEO, has a laser focus on the power of purpose.

In the current crisis, leaders need to demonstrate their resilience if they are to recover –and go on to thrive into the future.And having a strong purpose has a role to play in making a business resilient:it has been proven that purpose-driven organisations do better.They are more ambitious, they attract and retain the right talent, they inspire innovation and are able to make faster decisions.

Crucially, they are more trusted.Why? Because purposeful organisations have a well thought-through strategy. They know exactly why they do what they do, and who they are doing it for.

In conversation with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Keith shares his personal views on a topic he values greatly.

Speaker: Keith Farlinger, BDO CEO

2 Building a sustainable future LISTEN

In Episode 2 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, BDO’s regional CEO EMEA, Trond-Morten Lindberg, focuses on the importance of a sustainable business.

Sustainability contributes to a company’s competitive edge and business growth, but sustainability is much more than just the green agenda: it is the management and coordination of all environmental, social and financial demands and concerns, which together ensure a responsible and ethical business. It enables organisations to attract and retain customers and employees who share the same values.

In conversation with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Trond-Morten discusses whether the topics which were on the Board agenda prior to the crisis remain as relevant as before.

3 Globalisation in the mid-market LISTEN

In Episode 3 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, BDO’s Global COO, Anders Heede and Noel Clehane, Global Head of Regulatory & Public Policy, focus on globalisation and the mid market.

The current crisis is causing many to ask if the rules of globalisation will be rewritten? And what the impact of globalisation will be on mid-market businesses - that are usually not global by design.

Introduced by Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Anders and Noel have a energetic discussion about the transition global trade is going through, whether globalisation will give way to ‘slowbalisation’, the increasing complexities on all fronts - and in particular, the impact on the mid market.

4 The Asian Resilience LISTEN

In Episode 4 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Stephen Darley, Regional CEO Asia Pacific, focuses on the Asian Resilience in the new phase of globalisation.

Asia has lived through like crises before and has built up a natural response from the past – is it enough to out-run and outlast this current pandemic?

5 The Changing face of Client Service LISTEN

In Episode 5of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Allan Evans, Global Head of Business Development and Marketing and Albert Lopez, Regional CEO Americas,talk about the changing face of client service.

Companies are faced with increasingly demanding customers who are more informed than ever. In this digital age, customers have a world of knowledge at their finger tips and are less likely to stay monogamous.

Should a business embrace that company-hopping trend rather than fight it? Will a virtual client relationship become the norm? How can businesses find a healthy balance between a digital and personal client service? In an interview with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Allan & Albert talk about customer loyalty, about new ways of customer engagement,

6 Working with Digital Nomads LISTEN

In Episode 6 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Chris Smith, Global Head ofAudit, talks about working with digital nomads. Digital nomads have been around for several years - but who are those digital nomads?

Covid-19 has made the world a virtual laboratory - testing our effectiveness to work in virtual teams. We have been forced to think about what the consequences are when working with remote professionals. How do you manage them, and what are the challenges and opportunities?

7 Maintaining Digital Acceleration LISTEN

In Episode 7 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Belinda Thompson, Global Head ofIT, and Allan Evans, Global Head of Business Development & Marketing talk about how to maintain digital acceleration.

COVID-19 has fast-tracked digital transformation in almost all businesses. But what about the behavioural aspects? How do we avoid a speedy revert to type?How can companies solidify a number of the important changes and new digital technologies?

The answer is not unambiguous, as several elements play an important role. In an open discussion with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Belinda & Allan talk about digital and behavioural acceleration, and about the role of the organisation’s staff, leaders and its clients to find that right blend.

8 Over the Horizon LISTEN

In Episode 8 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Paul Eagland, Managing Partner BDO in UK and member of the Global Board, looks ‘over the horizon’ and shares his personal views on how the economic landscape and businesses will look like after the crisis.

Months of worldwide lock-down have seen soaring infection rates and devastating loss of life. With the forced closure of the worldwide economy and the consequential impact on people’s personal lives, so much uncertainty still remains. Will businesses reopen and jobs bounce back?Are we at risk of a global recession?What can businesses do to protect themselves?

In an open discussion with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Paul talks about the important lessons from the crisis and how businesses will have to rethink their business models, build resilience to cope with the unexpected, and best prepare for future situations. This will not be the last crisis. Business leaders will need to reconfirm their purpose, explore how they can best engage with their clients, and find the courage to stretch themselves above stakeholder return.

9 Leadership in the Emerging Future LISTEN

In Episode 9 of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, our Global CEO Keith Farlinger looks back at the past crisis and considers how leadership might look in the emerging future. The pandemic has really highlighted organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and separated true leaders from the pretenders. How do leaders inspire others and shape their actions? Setting clear objectives and defining expectations, maintaining engagement and focus, while communicating in a clear and transparent manner, is more relevant than ever.

The right leadership behaviours will help companies be resilient during the crisis and to thrive in the future. What are the right behaviours to lead in these complex times where, innovation, agility, sustainability, diversity, corporate performance and client service is so important?