Back to Business Webinar Series

28 May 2020

As we collectively come to grips with the impact the virus has had on our lives and livelihoods, we’ll be faced with many challenges and decisions. Our ability to adjust and adapt is critical as we move into our next state of normal.

The BDO BACK TO BUSINESS series aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies as you grapple with our new economy, the fallout of COVID-19 coronavirus and your business recovery.


Upcoming Webinars


Date Topic  
04 Jun 2020

Revenue Recognition and impairment of assets

The first half of the webinar will provide a high-level overview of:

  • the general objectives of financial reporting
  • impacts to revenue recognition as a result of COVID-19
  • impacts to asset impairment as a result of COVID-19.

The second half of the webinar will be an open Q&A session with a panel of BDO's internal experts. With entities in the throws of 31 March year end reporting, and with 30 June year ends just around the corner, this webinar is a useful "refresh" for two crucial reporting areas that are likley to be impacted for most entities' 2020 year end accounts.

11 June 2020 Achieving Cashflow Freedom Register

Join us for this Cashflow Freedom seminar presented by Linda Finlay from BDO, to discover where the cash goes in your business and learn how to better manage it to achieve cashflow freedom.

By attending this seminar you'll:

  • Understand where the cash goes in your business
  • Learn how to differentiate your business from competitors and prepare for economic uncertainty
  • Understand your break-even point and how to reduce the cost of sales
  • Identify the profit drivers and KPIs for your business
  • Understand how planning and accountability will help you achieve cashflow freedom

This two-part webinar series, created by popular demand, specifically addresses the challenges of organisations within the Public Benefit Entity (PBE) sector.

11 June 2020 Standing Out from the PBE crowds in a post COVID-19 economy Register
  There will inevitably be funding constraints facing PBE’s in a post-Covid-19 economy. We will explore practical solutions to ensure your organisation is positioned to receive the level of funding required to take advantage of any new opportunities and continue furthering its mission/purpose.  
18 June 2020 Working Better Together – Collaboration opportunities in the PBE Sector Register

We will address the opportunities for collaboration and working better together in the sector to improve impact, including:

  • Success stories and analysis of successful of collaboration within the sector; and
  • Ideas for future areas of collaboration


Previous Webinars


Date Topic  
30 April 2020 Meeting the challenges of Alert Level 3, and beyond WATCH

The core topics of this presentation included;

  • Travel and Personal Movement
    • Use of vehicles
    • Public transport
    • Domestic air travel
    • Freight
  • Level 3 Rules for Businesses
  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • What Operating Safely looks like
  • What you need to focus on;
    • Review your strategy
    • Develop, implement, and communicate your COVID-19 Safety Plan
    • Establish robust contact tracing measures and ensure that they’re working
    • Don’t overlook your compliance obligations
    • Review your forecasts
07 May 2020 Taxation: Review of COVID-19 Tax Reforms WATCH

Iain Craig, BDO National Tax Leader and Mark Lodder, Director at BDO Christchurch discuss recent COVID-19 tax reforms and relief, as well as strategies to manage payments and work with the IRD.

Topics using practical examples included;

  • Wage Subsidies and Financial Assistance
  • IRD Remission of UOMI and Late Payment Penalties
  • Tax Loss Reform
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tax Administration Changes
14 May 2020 Resetting strategies WATCH

Tarunesh Singh, Head of Risk Advisory Services - BDO Auckland with Phillip Roth, Advisory Partner and Rhea Cowell, Senior Strategy Analyst from BDO Christchurch discussed the need to review your short-term strategy as we move through 2020, and an adaptive approach to change.

Topics include:

  • Rethinking organisational culture and behaviours
  • Redefining revenue streams
  • Re-imagining operations and how we do business
  • Re-evaluating the importance of data and digital innovation
  • Strategy fundamentals – what good looks like
21 May 2020 Restructuring options WATCH

Andrew Bethell and Andrew McKay at BDO Auckland with colleague Jessica Kellow from BDO Christchurch, Business Recovery and Insolvency Partners addressed a variety of restructuring options, along with the benefits and pitfalls you need to be aware of. Topics included:

  • Operational vs financial restructuring
  • Restructuring processes
  • Options available to you, including practical Covid-19 tools
  • Information for Directors
  • Recent examples and key takeaways

Restructuring typically involves making changes to an organisation’s operational and capital structure to enhance future viability and growth. In these difficult times restructuring to some degree is essential for all businesses.

27 May 2020 What does Business Recovery Planning look like? WATCH

Right now, it’s ‘Business Unusual’ as businesses reopen after the Covid-19 crisis and adapt to an unfamiliar environment. We’re on the frontline of business support and we’re doing all we can to help our clients get to a new ‘Business as Usual’.

We cover the most important steps you can take to ensure your business has the best chance of recovery, including:

  • Closing the disconnect
  • The need to re-invent
  • Your budget (personal and business)
  • Opportunities, vulnerabilities and critical challenges
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Goals and actions
  • Pulling everything together as a complete package
28 May 2020 Working smarter with technology & the Cloud WATCH

The BDO Information Systems team discussed practical technology solutions you can utilise in your business to achieve smarter ways of working including;

  • eCommerce integrated to inventory and finance
  • eCommerce automation with shipping and tracking
  • Accounts payable automation
  • Automated debtor collection
  • Online reporting tools

Through the lockdown many businesses have enabled remote working and realised the benefits of investment in technology. No doubt there have also been frustrations with working in a ‘paperless’ environment, accessing legacy technology and modifying historic business processes.