• BDO & HamiltonJet

BDO & HamiltonJet

HamiltonJet represents the latest in waterjet propulsion technology.

A true global success story, HamiltonJet has over 50,000 waterjet units installed around the world. They are the preferred choice for the efficient propulsion of a wide range of high speed work and patrol boats, fast ferries, offshore crew boats, fire boats, fishing vessels, recreational and military craft.

For many years our BDO team has provided auditing services to HamiltonJet. We’ve been fortunate to be able to watch and support them as they have grown their business significantly and serviced international markets.

The company has recently celebrated its 75th year Anniversary and is looking towards strong growth in the future. With their reputation for quality and innovation, we are confident they will achieve their ambitions. Our BDO advisers are proud to be part of the team that will help them get to where they want to go.

Innovation and growth. Backed by BDO.