Release DateTitle
12-Dec-21Palisade Compliance Limited - First Report
13-May-21Panama Road Developments Limited - Six-Monthly Report
1-Jun-21Papakura Wreckers 1979 Limited - Fourth Report
26-Nov-21Papakura Wreckers 1979 Limited - Final Report
01-Mar-22Patcool Limited - Final Report
14-Jul-21Personal Risk Solutions Limited - First Report
24-Jan-22Personal Risk Solutions Limited - Second Report
01-Apr-22Personal Risk Solutions Limited - Final Report
29-Sep-21Phar-No Construction Limited - First Report
31-Mar-22Prestiged.co.nz Limited - Final Report
21-May-21Prodrivers Limited - Final Report
20-Dec-21Prosper Hospitality Limited - Final Report
3-Aug-21Prolink Central Limited Formerly Known As The Business Market Limited - Seventh Report
31-Jan-22Prolink Central Limited Formerly Known As The Business Market Limited - Eighth Report
21-May-21Protrucks Limited - Final Report
5-Aug-21Pureaudio Limited - First Report
23-Feb-22Pureaudio Limited - Second Report 
1-March-21Quaife Logging Limited - Sixth Report
6-Sep-21Quaife Logging Limited - Seventh Report
24-Feb-22Quaife Logging Limited - Eighth Report
31-Mar-22Rammac Steel Fixing Limited - First Report
25-Mar-22Raukura Waikato Social Services Trust - Twelfth Report
9-Aug-21Riverview Rest Home Limited - Final Report
7-Jul-21RKN Trailer Lease Limited - Final Report
11-May-21Rock Plaster Limited - Sixth Report
10-Aug-21Rock Plaster Limited - Final Report
1-Apr-22RPM Stoppers Limited - First Report
17-Dec-18SGL Holdings Limited -  Final Report
3-Jun-21Samjen Limited T/A Bay Dentures - Final Report
16-Dec-21Shodan Investments Limited
2-Jun-21Sidogg Investments Limited - Third Report
30-Nov-21Sidogg Investments Limited - Fourth Report
25-Jan-22Sidogg Investments Limited - Final Report
24-Sep-21Simple Management Limited - First Report
14-Feb-22Simple Management Limited - Final Report
21-Jun-21Skedgys Transport Limited - First Report
14-Dec-21Skedgys Transport Limited - Second Report
25-Mar-22Skedgys Transport Limited - Final Report
18-Jan-22Smoke Alarm Professionals Limited - First Report
27-Apr-21Stainless Downunder Marine Limited - First Report
29-Oct-21Stainless Downunder Marine Limited - Final Report
27-Apr-21Stainless Down Under NZ Limited - First Report
29-Oct-21Stainless Down Under NZ Limited - Final Report
31-Mar-22Studio Signs Limited - First Report
20-Dec-21Sunlight Investments Limited - First Report
17-May-21Tax Hub Group Limited - Final Report
22-Jun-21Te Awa The Base Pharmacy Limited - First Report
16-Dec-21Te Awa The Base Pharmacy Limited - Final Report
29-Oct-21Thor Holdings Ltd - Final Report
13-May-21T.O. Mills & Son Limited - Sixth Report
02-Mar-22T.O. Mills & Son Limited - Final Report
30-Sep-21Top Touch Limited - Final Report