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BDO Business Wellbeing Index - April 2024

Looking closer at some of New Zealand’s leading business sectors, we’re seeing interesting trends emerging across the market. In particular, agribusiness has seen a jump forward in current business performance sentiment compared to October 2023, while retail and tourism have both experienced a significant decline in business performance sentiment. And while negative sentiment is reflected across business performance and wellbeing measures for many sectors, we are mostly seeing this return to levels similar to our pre-October 2023 surveys. 

To learn more about how specific sectors are feeling, view our commentaries, business tips, and video interviews across agribusiness, construction, Māori business, Not-for-Profit, retail, and tourism below – including insights from BDO Sector Leaders and actual business leaders at the ‘coalface’ of their industry. 

Biggest moving sectors: Key business performance sentiment changes since Oct 2023

man on farm in New Zealand

Agribusiness sector insights

The agribusiness sector has experienced considerable hardship in recent years, but leaders are now reporting improved business performance sentiment.
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Construction sector insights

The economic impacts we’ve seen in sectors across New Zealand are making their mark in construction, driving negative wellbeing and creating business performance concerns for leaders in this space.
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maori woman at standing in front of marae

Māori Business sector insights

Māori business leaders are feeling relatively positive about their current business performance and wellbeing, but this declines when looking to the future.
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Not-for-Profit sector insights

Funding shortages and increasing costs are leading concerns for Not-for-Profit leaders, reflecting the financial pressures we’re seeing across other New Zealand business sectors.
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Retail sector insights

The retail sector has rebounded from its high business performance scores seen in the period immediately following the 2023 General Election, with our March 2024 survey showing leaders now have a similar outlook to what they did in March 2023.
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Tourism sector insights

Tourism leaders are feeling less positive about their business performance and wellbeing than they were in October 2023, with current business performance levels at a record low.
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