BDO & Xero Client Stories - Wellington

Experience Wellington | Wellington Museum Trust

A registered charity, Experience Wellington was established by the Wellington City Council to manage its cultural and arts assets and has managed heritage, education and art facilities in New Zealand’s capital for 21 years. Experience Wellington makes a strong contribution to the region’s tourism and preserves a significant part of Wellington’s heritage through its museum collections and stewardship of many of its historic buildings. Over 600,000 people visit, attend an event or participate in a program at an Experience Wellington facility each year.

"We love Xero for many reasons and it has solved a number of key issues for us.. It is a highly accessible software that offers great flexibility for our 80 staff, is simple to use and if you are ever in doubt there is always someone there to help."

Efficient use of time is essential to running the business and Xero has helped streamline many of our process, for example, producing timely and relevant reports for both the Board and management.”