BDO & Xero Client Stories - Rotorua

Dubzz Digital Marketing

Dubzz Digital Marketing is a local, online marketing company that launched in 2011. Dubzz was started by Rachel Warrender, and now has a team of 8 working from their Rotorua office. Clients include businesses across all industries, from accountants to accommodation providers, engineering to retail.

The steady growth has provided challenges along the way, including how to prioritise spending to manage cashflow, and ensuring business practises are scalable to account for strong and continued growth. Using Xero allows Rachel and her team to know the businesses financial position in real time, and provides up to the minute data for making accurate business decisions. Xero has enabled the business to set and measure KPI’s easily, and reduces admin time considerably.

The availability of Xero add-ons has also been beneficial to the business who is using Smart Payroll for managing wages, and Accelo for project management, both of which ‘talk’ to Xero. The ability for data sharing between these programmes makes the numbers easily accessible, easy to understand, saves plenty of time, and the team at BDO can quickly and easily see the financial position. The team at Dubzz can easily manage cashflow, wages, productivity, and invoicing through the systems that the use of Xero provides.

The availability of this data has enabled Rachel to work with BDO Rotorua on advisory work, rather than the day to day accounts. This has been yielding some fantastic results, all because of the focus on the big picture and making important decisions, with data at the ready to base decisions on.

Rachel says ‘the use of Xero and its associated tools enables Dubzz to continue on a strong growth trajectory, with real time access to our financial position. Our time is better spent achieving excellent results working on the business, and the advisory work we have undertaken with BDO has been, and continues to be a resounding success.’



Shine PR

Shine PR is a professional communications consultancy based in Rotorua and Tauranga, providing an extensive range of communications, marketing and public relations services in the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, wider New Zealand and Australia.

Shine PR’s biggest challenge has been its ongoing, rapid pace of growth. The business has grown significantly in the past five years, going from one part-time contract to nine full-time staff, two offices and clients across New Zealand. Xero has been critical through this time of significant growth and change. 

Jacky James, Shine PR Director, explained how "Xero seamlessly syncs with our timekeeping and invoicing system, WorkFlow Max, and ensures our business and financials remain on track and viable. It is easy to use and provides us with timely and accurate data to assist with performance and productivity reporting and monitoring."

"The work that we have been carrying out with BDO in the advisory space has been truly enhanced with the use of Xero, allowing our activities and changes to be measured financially on a timely basis."

"In particular, an important attribute of Xero is the fact that it is “in the cloud”, which means that key members of the team can access it anywhere, at any time. This is absolutely critical in today’s working environment, where team members are on the go, across the North Island."