BDO & Xero Client Stories - Invercargill

Ziffs & Buster Crab 

“Since switching to Xero and under the guidance of BDO, our businesses are in a better and more informed shape, than they’ve ever been, in the last 14 years.”

“We find Xero very easy to work with compared to other programmes we’ve used in the past. With BDO’s total, pretty much 24 hour support, nothing is a problem and we know where our business is at any time.”

“With BDO looking after the paperwork side of our business, we have more time to work on our business. Develop new marketing strategies, train staff and other things that will bring us an increased market share.”

“Even with BDO looking after most of our day to day paperwork, we still know exactly where we are in relation to cashflows and profitability.”

“It is with the support of a very good accounting firm, BDO,that we are able to keep pushing forward. It’s a relationship we appreciate and Xero certainly makes our life simpler. There’s an old saying in the restaurant trade…“Simple is best”..."

BioActive Soils

The company works farmers and property owners to improve the health of the soil and plant life and using biological based products to enhance what mother nature already does, thereby improving the outputs.

Stacy and her husband, Steve, took over total control of the company in November last year.

Prior to that, Steve was a 25% shareholder, with the other 75% shareholding held by Steve’s parents. The administration systems inherited were substantially manual, with limited use of electronic accounting systems. Very soon after taking over control of the company, they transitioned their systems to Xero, and Stacy, with no significant accounting or administration background, but with support from BDO, has taken control of the administration function.

“I could NOT have made it without Xero. It's my new best friend” says Stacey.


CarpetCare South Ltd

In late 2014, Nick McRae translated his passion for cleaning carpets and upholstery into his own business. His ambition was to improve the technologies and inputs to the cleaning business process. This included the administration systems and the company employed Xero from the outset, and this provided them with total mobility for their business administration, with client invoicing onsite at the completion of each job. The true cloud application enables Nick and us to refer to the consistent data, and track how the business is progressing and streamline the administration and financial reporting requirements.


Caltex Alexandra

A family owned business, Kaye and Arnold Hancock work alongside their daughter, Jolanda and her husband, Matt. 

With the recent change to Xero, this has eliminated unnecessary administration, allowing the core focus to be on managing the business, taking advantage of new opportunities and ventures. Xero has enabled our client to focus on the numbers and performance in real time as opposed to end of year reporting and analysis. We have always worked closely with this client to help achieve their business objectives and Xero has further cemented this relationship as it has enabled us to be on the same page. “Changing our business to Xero has allowed me to keep on top of all our business needs including payroll. Using Xero has given me more time to return to being the face of the business.”

With the data now being live, BDO can prepare management reports, breaking down on a departmental basis performance and trading results. This has allowed Matt and Jolanda to focus their attention towards growing the business, trying new ideas and realising the businesses’ potential.

Xero has allowed them as owners and us as advisors to report, critique and draw conclusions based on fresh trading results. “Being cloud based is great when talking to BDO in Invercargill as we can both see the same information at the same time.The reporting that BDO provides us from Xero has enabled us to concentrate on profit centres to maximise our resources and achieve business growth”.