BDO & Xero

16 August 2019

BDO New Zealand is the biggest single user of Xero in the world. With over 10,000 users, the numbers are pretty compelling. But behind every number lies a story. Find out why BDO and Xero equal a great combination by reading our client stories.

“The beauty of Xero is that it really does allow both our clients and us to work ‘smarter’ not ‘harder’. Xero gives BDO the tools to act as true business partners to our clients. It frees up our time to concentrate on the activities that add real value, such as activating their business and determining the best growth strategy.  

In turn, our clients get more timely access to relevant business information, rather than previously having to wait weeks until month end. This means that they are on the pulse of how their business is performing and can make informed decisions based on up to date information to hand.”

- Adam Davy, Head of Advisory


Xero and BDO