RETHINKing the tax landscape Webinar

Following the New Zealand election, the BDO team discuss a range of tax changes and issues. With the continuation of a Labour-led government there is a sense of continuity in tax.....but there's a catch!

Iain and Mark discuss Labour’s tax plan and the (re)introduction of the 39% personal tax rate as part of their Covid-19 revenue policy.  

This change might make you start to RETHINK;

  • Is your business ownership structure fit-for-purpose?
  • When should you be thinking about making dividend payments?
  • Remuneration strategies, what’s efficient?
  • If we make changes, will it be seen as tax avoidance?

Download the presentation slides


  • Mark Lodder, National Head of Tax, BDO New Zealand
  • Iain Craig, BDO’s eye on tax, BDO Auckland