RETHINKing the Social Profit

Episode 9: RETHINKing the Social Profit; Governance, Investment and Impact

In this webinar we discussed 3 BIG Issues in the Social Profit (or Public Benefit Entity) sector. While these are all big issues in their own right, this webinar will provide you with valuable experience and practical ideas to move your organisation forward.


  • Governance boards and their role in risk leadership
  • The importance of understanding success for the organisation and aligning priorities and measures
  • The strategic leadership role of boards.


  • Low interest rate environment - is it set to continue?
  • Investment strategies – how to generate returns in this environment
  • What are the challenges boards, or committees, face with investments?


  • What we mean by 'measuring impact'
  • How measuring impact, and the process of doing so, drives decision-making
  • Improving the quality of the statement of service performance.