RETHINKing New Zealand's Productivity Challenge

Kiwis work longer and produce less compared to other OECD countries (‘Productivity by the numbers’, published by NZPC, May 2021)

Helping us navigate the productivity challenge is Chair of the New Zealand Productivity Commission, Dr. Ganesh Nana.

Contributing to a transformation of the economic model and narrative towards one that values people and priorities our role as kaitiaki o taonga is my Kaupapa. This perspective sees the delivery of wellbeing across several dimensions as critical measures of success of any economic model.”

Dr Ganesh Nana, Geerten Lengkeek and David O’Connor will have a conversation on broad productivity themes and have time for an interactive Q&A with guests.


  1. Dr. Ganesh Nana, Chairman, New Zealand Productivity Commission
  2. Geerten Lengkeek, Managing Director, Productivity People
  3. David O’Connor, Chairman, BDO New Zealand