Rethink the business landscape to achieve growth & prosperity

Is your business ready to compete, grow and prosper?

We're delighted to present insights from episode 13 of our Rethink webinar series, held on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 in conjunction with the EMA and BusinessNZ. View a recording of the webinar above.

In this session, we explore the current business climate for New Zealand's mid-market, including:

  • The economy
  • COVID-19’s impact on the workplace
  • The impact of climate and infrastructure policy on business

How these issues will play out in 2022 in the business context will be crucial to achieving growth and prosperity in your business.

The business landscape will never be the same again

In the webinar, Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive, Employers and Manufacturers Association, talks about how the business landscape is never going to be the same again - the challenges and issues we’ve dealt with through COVID-19 will be embedded in the workplace for a very long time.

The biggest issue for Brett currently, and one that will play out long into the future, is health and safety. Particularly in relation to wellness and wellbeing in the workplace, health and safety is becoming crucial – businesses, customers and employees all want certainty on this topic moving forward and that’s hard to get in the current climate. Only when businesses have a clear plan for the future from government will they be able to make set plans for the future of their workplaces.  

Opportunities in infrastructure, climate change and energy – but only with strong policy

Next, Kirk Hope, Chief Executive, BusinessNZ, talks about his hopes for a strong rebound after lockdown and the need for government support to enable that. He then moves on to speak about long-term challenges and opportunities in infrastructure, climate change and energy. The new bipartisan agreement on housing is welcome but businesses need to be consulted on infrastructure because it has a huge impact on their employees, customers and business.

Kirk then talks about energy and climate change policies in Aotearoa, which he wants to be more consistent – clear strategies and signals will enable better business planning and will also facilitate investment both at home and abroad. Infrastructure, climate change and energy present significant opportunities for business but only if they have access to clear policies that enable business to plan.

Finally, David O’Connor, Chairman, BDO New Zealand, then led a Q&A.

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  • Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive, Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA)
  • Kirk Hope, Chief Executive, BusinessNZ
  • David O’Connor, Chairman, BDO New Zealand