Student careers: Be heard and empowered to make your ideas happen

At BDO, we strive to ensure that everyone, no matter how long they’ve been with us, gets heard and has the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. We spoke to Jayden Sanson, an Audit Grad in BDO Auckland, to find out more about how he’s found opportunities to improve the way audits are carried out, as well as to pursue his passion for football through his work.   

Jayden Sanson, Audit Graduate, BDO Auckland

What opportunities have you had to improve the way you work? 

During my time at BDO, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a lot of different projects and have had several of my ideas implemented not just here in BDO Auckland, but across the entire network.  

Last year, for example, I was doing the adds check part of an audit, which involves manually checking that every single number adds up to the dollar in a financial statement. It can be a little tedious, so I spoke to our IT department and my manager about ways to we could implement technology to streamline the process. After a few conversations, we identified a new system  that would make the process much more efficient, and from there I spoke to the Partners, who then progressed it to the Board – now it’s a national system we use across all the BDO offices.  

How have you been able to get your ideas heard at BDO? 

It's great to be able to work for a company where people are so receptive to your ideas and are always willing to have a chat and progress your suggestions further. I think it partly comes from the flatter structure we have here – I know that I can walk into any of the Partners’ offices and have a chat or ask questions, and I think that means they have a lot more trust for us and are really receptive to hearing our suggestions for improving the way we work.  

I have had the opportunity to be invited to some Partner or Manager meetings, to offer my personal opinion and grad’s perspective. Management are often keen to hear the perspective of the wider audit team to best address any questions they have. This includes presenting various topics to them.  

How easy has it been to pursue your passions at BDO?  

I’ve found that the Partners and Managers are really supportive of us pursuing our passions. So if you have a particular passion for a certain industry or company, they will do their best to make sure you are on that audit or are involved in some way or another. I personally am a big football fan and have played it all my life, including running the BDO football team. When I asked Richard Croucher, my Partner, if I could join the audit for a significant football-related client he made it happen, even though it meant shuffling some resources around to make sure I was included.  

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