• Directors' Breakfast: The Impact of Sustainable Thinking

Directors' Breakfast: The Impact of Sustainable Thinking

28 May 2019

What impact is Sustainable Thinking having on Business Performance

Wednesday 3 April, 2019

Sustainable thinking is becoming more and more prevalent as a new generation think in terms of purpose and impact on the planet but how does it impact business performance and the bottom-line?

The Warehouse Group, New Zealand’s largest retail business, and only the third retailer globally has achieved carboNZero certification, one of the first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification schemes under the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Ecoware design, develop and supply the highest quality food packaging that reduces consumer dependence on oil based packaging. Their market leading approach to sustainability is why they are New Zealand’s first and only carbonNZero packaging company.

Grant Robinson, GM of Ecoware, David Benattar, Chief Sustainability Officer of The Warehouse Group and Alisha Black, Technical Director of Instep share their insights.

There were some big ideas discussed in the forum and plenty of take-aways so we’d thought we’d share team Ecoware’s top 7 sustainable tips

  1. Make you customer’s proud – tell them what you’re doing
  2. Commit to small changes
  3. Get your team behind the cause
  4. In an office throw out the bins! Set up a collection point and sort
  5. Review your supply chain in line with your sustainable goals – ask if they have a plan, copy!
  6. Take practical steps – LED lights, compost organic wastes, reduce-ruse water – the list goes on!
  7. Put Sustainability in your business plan – waste audits and carbon footprint certification …. Measure, Manage and Mitigate

Finally, if you want to remain doing what you’re doing don’t read this book! 'The Uninhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace-Wells.