Growing demand for audit services

As part of our series celebrating the 100 year anniversary of BDO Gisborne, in this article, we take a look at the growing demand for audit services in the region.

An important area of business since the firm’s inception has been meeting the auditing needs of our diverse client base. It was during the post-war period, where the firm experienced a considerable demand for its’ auditing services and administration support.

As economic activity in the region started to thrive across a broad range of industry sectors, this in turn presented an opportunity for the firm with new audit clients coming on board during this time e.g., Wattie’s Canneries, Maori incorporations such as Mangatu Blocks Incorporation and Real Estate Agent Trust accounts.

There were a number of key clients that stretched the length of the East Coast which included the Ngāti Porou Dairy Company, Waiapu Farmers Company and the Tokomaru Bay Sheepfarmers’ Freezing Company Limited. With an office presence in Tokomaru Bay, it further demonstrated our commitment to our clients and the ability for our people to be able to fully support their advisory needs on all levels.

It became evident that visiting clients in their own “neck of the woods”, solidified and added extra strength to our existing business relationship. These visits enabled staff to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of their clients’ business operations, whilst providing more direct interaction and meaningful engagements overall.

This kaupapa is a wonderful testament to the enduring client relationships our BDO Gisborne team are still privileged to enjoy today.

Photo Archive: Mangatu Blocks Incorporation, 2015.