Be part of a trusted team - setting the standard

As one of BDO Auckland’s leading audit trainers, Trust Karumbidza is passionate about learning and relishes the opportunities he gets to interact with people of all levels throughout the business.
We spoke to Trust about what leadership means at BDO and his journey with the company so far.
Tell us about your BDO journey to date.
“It’s been a long and exciting journey spanning nearly six years so far. My time at BDO has been full of learning. I enjoy the clients I work with and am impressed with the range of people I have access to here, including CEOs and CFOs - in previous jobs I didn’t necessarily get to interact with these types of roles. I value my one-to-one catch ups with our Auckland Partners, whose open-door policy means I feel like I can ask questions and approach them for support. My direct client contact is also really rewarding - I love seeing clients I work with grow their business and thrive.”
What does it mean to be part of a trusted team?
“It’s about leading from the front in terms of adherence to industry best practices. The work we do is important and we need to understand the implications of that work, whether internally or externally with clients and those who take assurances from what we do.

For me, setting the standard and being part of a trusted team cuts to the core of what we do at BDO on a daily basis. It’s at the heart of everything.”

Trust Karumbidza, Senior Manager – Audit, BDO Auckland
How does BDO help you set the standard? 
“I receive so much support and access to resources. Our leaders demonstrate quality, adherence to standards, and best practice behaviour, and this naturally flows down. BDO offers so many resources to support capability building and make sure everyone is aware of our responsibilities and best frameworks for working.

BDO supports my personal career growth in terms of the learning and development programmes I lead within the audit function. Leading training is important for my values as an individual and for my value alignment with the business. It means I’m helping to develop skills within the company - continuing to set the standard - and it’s also something I simply enjoy doing.”
How does BDO’s approach make you feel?
“There’s a great tone from management around setting the standard. The Partners really walk the talk and their approach to being part of a trusted team and setting the standard is demonstrated from the top down. It’s not just empty messages not followed up by actions. When Partners demonstrate this value, it gives me assurance in what we’re working towards. Everyone is aspiring to give clients the best quality output possible.”

At BDO I am my best when… “everyone is working at their natural best. It’s important to work in a trusted environment where I can express where I am at and what I need without feeling judged. BDO gives me that and makes me feel supported to do what I do best.”

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