Be inspired and mentored by market leaders

Be inspired and mentored by market leaders

Vicki Ferguson has worked in accounting since she left school more than 30 years ago. Now an Advisory Associate at BDO Northland in Whangarei, Vicki hasn’t stopped learning and growing, taking inspiration from the people and resources that surround her and making the most of opportunities that come her way. 

We spoke to Vicki about her career journey and what she likes about working at BDO. 

Tell us about your BDO journey. 

“I went straight from school to working at an accounting firm in Wellsford, where I started as an office junior. I learned accountancy on the job, moving around a few practices in the area before settling in at a Whangarei accountancy firm for 20 years. During that time, I got married and had four kids, and realised that accounting can be quite flexible and versatile in terms of balancing childcare with work. 

Eventually I decided I needed a change. A friend put me in touch with Scott Kennedy, Managing Partner at BDO Northland, and the rest is history.” 

What does it mean to be inspired and mentored by market leaders?  

“It’s about being surrounded by people and resources that can inspire you and show you different solutions and pathways. At BDO we’re fortunate to have access to a huge amount of information and expertise which has helped me to think about my own development and progression. There are so many opportunities to learn and be inspired.” 

How does BDO allow you to be inspired and mentored?    

“I work closely with Scott, who’s really supportive in pulling me into client meetings and making me feel part of the whole business. This makes me feel valued and like my experience and ideas matter. Under Scott’s mentorship, I’ve been doing more business advisory work - things like cashflow forecasting and valuation - which I wasn’t necessarily exposed to earlier in my career. BDO recognises my value and gives me these opportunities.  

At BDO, you’re not limited to just doing accounting work all day every day. You have the chance to do courses and participate in events across the network, which is something I didn’t always have access to in previous firms. I’ve attended national Leadership Group Conferences, tax conferences, and advisory events, and I’ve been inspired to undertake my Accounting Technician qualification; I hadn’t really thought about doing this before coming to BDO.” 

How does BDO’s approach make you feel?   
“I feel fortunate that I’ve been given the opportunity to come and work here. The people and culture here are awesome. Our Whangarei office is all about one team pulling together and working together.” 

I am at my best at BDO when… “I can work with like-minded people who strive to be the best they can be and take pride in their work.”  

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