Cyber Security Awareness Month: Benchmark your organisation against cyber risks

An increase in remote working has seen huge opportunities for organisations in Aotearoa, many of whom have seen increased levels of wellbeing among their employees and a wider pool of available candidates to fill roles. However, remote working does have its challenges when it comes to cyber risk, and it’s never been more important for NZ businesses to continue to adapt their processes.

The seventh annual BDO and AusCERT Cyber Security Survey provides an opportunity to do just that – allowing organisations to benchmark themselves against their peers across both Australia and New Zealand. The survey takes 10 minutes to complete and is now open.

Take part in the survey here

By participating, you will gain access to valuable data that will help your organisation stay ahead of the growth of sophisticated cyber attacks. This is your opportunity to see what others are doing and equip yourself with trend data to assess and optimise your organisation’s cyber security.

Cyber security incidents growing in frequency and damage

Last year’s survey found that cyber security incidents are increasing in frequency, cost and reputational damage, with data breaches caused by malicious hacking rising by 91 per cent. Ransomware remains a top threat, while accidental disclosures rose by almost 60 per cent.

When it comes to dealing with those threats, cyber security training remains the most important part of protecting a business from attack. Over 75% of respondents now have a cyber security and awareness programme in place.

Human factor remains key

“The human factor is critical in responding to cyber threats,” explains Chynel James, BDO Chief Technology Officer. “Cyber security education should be a year-round activity, not something you just do during cyber security month. Regular communication as well as simulated attacks, including phishing emails, will enable your employees to recognise malicious activity and prompt your employees to think more carefully about the emails and texts they receive.

Then there’s the basics, such as multi-factor authentication and installing updates on time, which may sound simple but go a long way in protecting your business from cyber crime. At BDO, we’ve also offered all our staff the use of a password manager to make it easier for them to use different and complex passwords for all the various applications they use.”

If you have questions about your organisation’s cyber risk profile, contact your local BDO adviser, who can put you in touch with the right people to help keep your business safe.

Our top cyber security tips:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication
  • Ensure all devices are patched and up to date
  • Check social media settings for privacy

For more tips around cyber security, head to the CertNZ website.