Graduate career stories- Business Advisory Services Accountant

Sam Lange, BDO Christchurch

Doing an internship made starting as a grad feel more comfortable as I knew people in my team.

How did you start your career with BDO?

I started at BDO as part of the summer internship programme. We were rotated around the various divisions, so we got an understanding of what the work was like in each service line. This meant when I was lucky enough to be offered a graduate position, I had a good idea of which department looked the most appealing.
Doing an internship made me feel more comfortable starting as a grad as I knew people in my team and helped make the transition to work more comfortable. When I started as a grad, there was a great induction period where we got to know each other and our roles within our teams.

How would you describe the culture at BDO?

I would say the main reason why I was so excited to come back to work for BDO after having done the internship was the people and the culture. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and kind; there is always someone to help if you ever need it, everyone always has a smile on their face and it makes it a lot nicer to come into the office. The culture feels quite ‘people’ driven, and it’s promoted by social events and sports teams. It makes BDO a place I’d highly recommend to graduates looking to start a career in the industry.

What makes BAS IS different to BAS Commercial?

BAS Commercial is about working with clients to plan for sustainable growth in their business based on the financials of the organisation, whereas BAS IS focuses on advising clients on new technologies they can implement to make both our jobs and our client’s jobs easier and more efficient. The two areas have distinct focuses but complement each other really well and work best in conjunction with each other. It’s an ever-evolving section of the industry and it’s rewarding to see the positive impact these changes can have on our clients.


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