Graduate Career Stories- Business Advisory Services Senior Accountant

Josh Lodge, BDO Christchurch


What’s really awesome about working at BDO is the interpersonal relationships.

What does your role in Strategy and Advisory involve?

Helping businesses that come in all different shapes and sizes to react and problem solve in different environments. A lot of the work is defining where clients want to be and mapping the pathway to get them there.

We help businesses set goals and priorities and the work varies depending on the client and the situation. The work could be succession planning, helping them achieve different targets or how they can have an impact on society.

Tell us a bit about Māori Business here at BDO?

The work is a mix of working with iwi groups, working with Kaupapa Māori organisations or small to medium Māori owned entities. The one thing they all have in common is it’s not just about profitability, they often make their decisions with inter-generational views, while still basing the decision on traditional Māori values.

What has surprised you the most about working for BDO?

How big it is! In Christchurch in particular it feels like a big corporate with lots of learning opportunities that you’ll get in most other firms, but what’s really awesome about BDO is the interpersonal relationships and that people treat each other well.


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