Dealing with the pressures of growth

Download our ebook where we explore common issues businesses face in the growth stage and top tips for growing sustainably.

BDO New Zealand's latest e-book is designed to help business owners deal with the pressures of growth.

Growth is a hugely exciting time for businesses. It leads to increased sales, more customers, more profit... ultimately, it leads to success. But only if done well. All too often, the pressures of growth can be immense. Decisions must be made that have long term consequences. You have to consider everything, from how to manage cash flow in the expanding business, to whether you should invest in new systems and staff or outsource them.

Business owners must deal with these pressures eventually, and finding a way to successfully navigate these inherent issues can be the most rewarding part of the growth process. That's why as part of BDODrive, we've created this e-book. In it, we explore some of the common issues SMEs face during the growth stage, and offer practical advice for how to work through them.

What's inside our e-book?

Inside, you'll learn how to prepare your business for the next stage of growth. We cover:

  • The key signs that you might be ready for growth.
  • How to approach business planning - ways to take stock of your current company and how to prepare it for where you're headed next.
  • Understanding how to manage growth, cash flow and control in an expanding business.
  • Working out where to add or expand your systems and structures in order to support growth.
  • Getting the balance right between which roles and functions should stay within the business, and which would be better outsourced, as well as tips on choosing a provider.
  • Where you can go for further support and advice.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you face challenges with confidence and clarity - giving you the space to focus on the next exciting stage for your business.

Grow your business with BDODrive

At BDO, we understand that building a business and then growing it isn't easy. But we can make it easier. That's why we've created BDODrive, which offers organisations an easier way to access the information, intelligence and insights you need to thrive.

Download our e-book today to find out more about how you can grow and succeed!